Aunts Rights Child Custody And Visitation

Aunts Rights Child Custody - Can An Aunt Get Visitation Rights - How To Get Custody Of My Niece - Can I Adopt My Niece

An Aunt’s rights to child custody and visitation are non-existent. 

Unless the parents are endangering the child. 

This article tells you exactly how to get Aunt’s rights to child custody and visitation. 

So, if you’re an Aunt trying to get custody rights, keep reading. 

Custody battles can be devastating. It’s heartbreaking when parents lose custody of their children. Spouses end up having to pay agonizing amounts of financial support.

If you want to protect your rights, not wrongfully lose custody, and not get raked over the coals financially, fill out the form below. 

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What Are Aunts Rights Child Custody?

Let’s look at an Aunt’s rights for child custody for a couple of scenarios. 

These scenarios include:

  • the Aunt has not been given rights by the courts or the parents
  • the Aunt has been given temporary guardianship of the children
  • the Aunt is filing for emergency custody of the children

No One Has Granted The Aunt's Rights To Child Custody

If no one has granted an Aunt’s rights to child custody, then they do not have any. 

Meaning an Aunt’s rights for child custody and visitation are non-existent. 

Aunts do not have automatic rights to see their nieces and nephews. 

But as with grandparent’s rights, an Aunt has the right to ask for visitation rights. 

(We discuss getting visitation rights below.)

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Temporary Guardianship And The Aunt's Child Custody Rights

What custodial rights does temporary guardianship give an Aunt?

Some reasons that an Aunt could get temporary custody are:

  • the parents are soldiers getting deployed
  • the parents are firefighters fighting an ongoing forest fire
  • a parent is going to prison
  • a parent is going through a serious illness

In cases like this, the parents can grant an Aunt temporary custody of the child.

Temporary guardianship gives an Aunt rights to:

  • decide what school the child will attend
  • where the child will live
  • make medical decisions for the child  

There are two ways for an Aunt to get temporary guardianship of a niece or nephew.

The other way to obtain Aunt’s child custody rights via temporary guardianship is emergency custody

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The Aunt Is Filing For Emergency Custody

An Aunt has the right to file for emergency custody of her niece or nephew. 

Things that judges will grant emergency custody for are:

  • child abuse
  • parental kidnapping
  • child neglect
  • substance abuse
  • sexual offenses

Emergency custody hearings will get scheduled the same day the petition is filed. 

The judges want to remove the child from dangerous situations. 

But it can still be difficult to obtain Aunt’s rights to child custody with emergency custody. 

The judge will make sure you’re the best option to take care of the child. 

As an Aunt, you could be competing for custody with:

  • the other parent (if the parents are separated)
  • grandparents
  • other siblings of the parents

To file for emergency custody, reach out to a family lawyer

Or, go to the courthouse and ask for a Petition for Emergency Custody. 

You will need to bring evidence of the danger that the child is in. 

And file this with your petition. 

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Do Aunts And Uncles Have Visitation Rights Automatically?

Aunts and Uncles do not have visitation rights automatically. 

But Aunts and Uncles have the right to file for and receive visitation rights. 

The judge can even grant Aunts and Uncles visitation rights over a parent’s objection. 

Meaning that, even if the parent objects, Aunts and Uncles can get visitation rights. 

Can An Aunt Get Visitation Rights?

An Aunt can get visitation rights by filing a petition for visitation rights. 

An Aunt can get visitation rights of nieces and nephews even if the parents object.

If the Aunt is granted visitation rights, it becomes a court order. 

And the parents will have to follow the court order. 

If they don’t, then they can get held in contempt of the court.  

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Can An Aunt File For Visitation Rights?

An Aunt can file for visitation rights. 

All an Aunt has to do is file a petition for visitation rights. 

An Aunt can find this petition at her local Clerk’s office. 

Or she can hire a family lawyer to file for visitation rights for her. 

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Getting Aunts Rights Child Custody

Let’s Aunt’s rights to child custody are granted.

She has the legal and physical responsibility of taking care of the child’s needs.

This includes the Aunt providing:

  • housing
  • medical care
  • education

Parents are the legal guardians of their children. 

This means that an Aunt’s child custody rights are non-existent. 

So, let’s talk about how to get custody of my niece. 

How To Get Custody Of My Niece

There are some exceptions where an Aunt can get child custody rights. 

Usually, an Aunt’s rights to child custody get granted if there is:

  • neglect of the child
  • abuse to a parent or child in the household
  • there is drug abuse happening
  • the child is in danger

There must be evidence that the child is in danger. 

This is the only reason that the judge will consider changing custody

So, the first thing you need to do is gather evidence of the child’s danger. 

Then, you need to be able to prove that it’s in the child’s best interest for you to have custody. 

The courts are going to determine who is best suited to have custody rights. 

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Can I Adopt My Niece?

Yes, you can adopt your niece. 

Adopting your niece gives you full parental rights to your niece. 

When adopting your niece, an Aunt’s rights for child custody are:

  • making medical decisions
  • obtaining medical records of the child
  • getting insurance for the child
  • provide housing for the child
  • provide basic needs 
  • making religious decisions
  • providing them with an inheritance

How To Get Temporary Custody Of My Nephew

To get temporary custody of your nephew, you need to file a petition for temporary guardianship

File the petition for temporary guardianship at the Superior Court where the child lives. 

You can get this petition from a lawyer or at your local Clerk’s office. 

The petition for temporary guardianship of your nephew should include:

  • a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • your valid Driver’s License or ID
  • name and address of potential guardians

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How You Can Get Aunts Rights Child Custody

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