How to Hire the Best Child Custody Lawyers in Georgia

Do you want to potentially lose custody of your child? Or do you want to get as much custody of your child as possible? Hiring the right child custody lawyer in Georgia can mean the difference between: Not having any say in where they go to school and deciding where they go. Being helpless in … Continued

How To Save Money on the Cost of Uncontested Divorce In Georgia

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How To Beat Child Custody Laws In Georgia

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[Updated] 13 Grounds For Divorce In Georgia

When you file for divorce in Georgia, you have to prove that you and your spouse are experiencing one of the grounds for divorce in Georgia. These 13 grounds for divorce in Georgia are: The marriage is irreparable. Being too closely related (consanguinity). Impotency or inability to have kids at the time of marriage. The mental capacity … Continued

Uncontested Divorce In Georgia [Ultimate Guide]

Filing for an uncontested divorce in Georgia can save you THOUSANDS of dollars on your divorce. Everyone wants to have an easy divorce that doesn’t ruin them financially and emotionally. If you think you and your spouse are in a position to file for an uncontested divorce, you’re in the right spot. Our goal is … Continued

Child Support Laws Georgia

If you’re facing a divorce in Georgia with children, you’re probably wondering who pays child support, how child support is calculated, and how child support works. This article is going to go over the ins and outs of the child support laws Georgia follows, including: How Child Support Works Can Child Support Take Your Whole … Continued

Best Divorce Lawyers in Georgia [FREE Consultation]

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Is Georgia A Community Property State?

You’re wondering is Georgia a community property state. Are you going to be getting 50% of your assets you’ve busted your butt to earn during your marriage or are you going to “get what’s fair?” Even worse, is your spouse going to get a ton of your money that they don’t deserve? This article covers … Continued

Contested Divorce In Georgia: Things You Need To Know About

Are you facing a contested divorce in Georgia? We’ve seen people lose custody of their kids, get zero spousal support, and have to start over from scratch during contested divorces. When you get done with this blog, you will know everything you need to know about how to navigate a contested divorce in Georgia. This … Continued

[Ultimate Guide] Splitting Assets On Divorce In Georgia

When you’re filing for divorce in Georgia, you are probably wondering how your assets will be split up. What do you get to keep? What will you lose? Will you have a fair property settlement or will you get hammered? This article will walk you through how to know what you get to keep, what … Continued

Alimony Laws In Georgia

If you’re filing for divorce in Georgia, you’re probably wondering how much you’re going to be paying or receiving in alimony. This article goes over the alimony laws in Georgia to explain: The types of alimony. How the courts qualify you for alimony. The payment of alimony. And whether alimony is taxable income. This article … Continued

People Lose Thousands When Filing For Divorce (Here’s How Not To)

Divorces suck. As divorce attorneys, we have seen people BLOW tens of thousands of dollars by approaching their divorce the wrong way. Even though that means more money for us, we hate to see families ruin themselves financially when filing for divorce. Because we care more about seeing our clients succeed than stacking the money. … Continued

Surviving the Experience: Divorce Preparation Checklist

The emotional toll of filing for divorce is already more than enough. But attempting to make sure that all of the paperwork is in order doesn’t make it any easier. This is because filing for divorce gets even harder when your spouse continues to complicate things and prevents you from gathering necessary paperwork. In this … Continued

Arranging A Proper Divorce Attorney Consultation

Are you considering filing for divorce? Are you afraid of what your life will look like after going through a divorce? Choosing the right divorce lawyer is going to be the difference between having a fair, affordable divorce and getting dragged through the wringer and losing all of your money in battles. This is especially … Continued