How To Get A Cheap Divorce In Georgia

Cheap Divorce in Georgia

You want to have a cheap divorce in Georgia. 

(I can’t blame you – everyone does.)

But there are a few things that every cheap divorce in Georgia has in common. 

The catch is that it’s hard for couples to do this. 

(But it’s even harder if you don’t.)

Let’s dig in. 

Custody can be devastating. It’s heartbreaking when parents lose custody of their children. Spouses end up having to pay agonizing amounts of financial support.

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How To Have A Cheap Divorce in Georgia

The best way to have a cheap divorce in Georgia is to have an uncontested divorce. 

An uncontested divorce is one where you and your spouse agree on all issues when you file for divorce. 

This means you’re agreeing on issues like: 

  • child support
  • child custody
  • visitation schedules
  • how to split assets and debts
  • who pays how much in alimony

When you have an uncontested divorce, you will fill out the divorce papers with this information. 

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Can You Have A Cheap Divorce In Georgia If You Don't Agree?

Yes, you can still have a cheap divorce in Georgia even if you don’t agree on everything. 

It’s natural that couples don’t agree on everything when facing divorce. 

This is very true when businesses, assets, and children are involved.

There are a few routes that you can take from here. 

  • negotiate with each other to come to an agreement before filing
  • attend divorce mediation before filing for divorce
  • attend divorce mediation after filing for divorce

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Negotiating Before Filing For Divorce

This is when you and your spouse can come to an agreement on all issues before filing for divorce

This is the best way to have a cheap divorce in Georgia. 

You will write out all the issues that you need to decide on. 

Then, look at the list separately. 

Figure out what the top three most important things are to each of you. 

With the rest of the items, determine what would be the fairest solution. 

After you’ve done this, share your list with each other. 

Your top three priorities will most likely be different. 

(There’s always one item that is the same – especially with kids.)

Now, if your priorities are different, then start negotiating. 

You should each get what’s most important to you. 

And then you can split the remaining items in the fairest way. 

Now, you will be filling out your divorce papers with this information. 

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Attending Mediation Before Filing For Divorce

Sometimes spouses cannot agree on a few BIG issues. 

This could be custody and visitation schedules. 

Whatever the issues are, the next way to have a cheap divorce in Georgia is doing divorce mediation before filing. 

This will keep you from getting the lawyers involved needlessly. 

And this can save you tens of thousands of dollars. 

Let’s say you did divorce mediation DURING the divorce process

When this happens, the lawyers are:

  • negotiating with each other
  • showing up to court for you
  • filing petitions on your behalf
  • scheduling and coordinating divorce mediation

When your divorce lawyers do this, you’re paying their hourly rates. 

But let’s say you can go through divorce mediation BEFORE you file for divorce. 

You significantly reduce the number of hours your lawyers work on your divorce. 

And since you’re figuring out all the issues before you file, it’s now an uncontested divorce again. 

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Attending Mediation After Filing For Divorce

This is not a good approach if you want a cheap divorce in Georgia. 

This is because you now have a contested divorce. 

And your lawyers will be battling it out and negotiating for what each spouse wants. 

Lawyers will try to negotiate for you with the other lawyer. 

This is what they are supposed to do. 

But it’s in your best interest to have them start scheduling divorce mediation as soon as possible. 

The longer the court appearances and negotiations take, the more you’re paying. 

The sooner you can get into divorce mediation and figure things out, the cheaper your divorce will be. 

Your lawyer should be on your side. 

And they should be working to provide you with a cheap divorce in Georgia. 

If they aren’t, they could be milking your case. 

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The Costs Of A Cheap Divorce In Georgia

How much can you expect the cost of divorce in Georgia to be?

There are (again) a few scenarios:

  • you file your own divorce papers
  • you have an uncontested divorce
  • you have a contested divorce
  • you have a contested divorce with kids

You File Your Own Papers

If you want a cheap divorce in Georgia, this is the best you can get. 

When you fill out and file the divorce papers on your own, it costs about $250. 

When you do it all yourself, there are zero lawyer fees. 

Which means that your divorce costs under $500. 

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Uncontested Divorce In Georgia

The cost of uncontested divorce in Georgia is roughly $5,000 depending on the attorney that you hire. 

Contested Divorce In Georgia

The cost of contested divorce in Georgia is roughly $20,000 depending on the attorney that you hire. 

It also depends on HOW contested your divorce is. 

If you and your spouse refuse to agree on anything, it’s going to cost you a lot more. 

If you and your spouse resolve issues quickly, it’s going to be a cheaper divorce. 

Contested Divorce In Georgia With Kids

Contested divorce with kids averages about $24,000. 

Again, this can be higher or lower. 

It really depends on you and your spouse’s ability to settle on a fair outcome. 

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