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How To Get A Divorce In Georgia With Children

Divorce In Georgia With Child - ga divorce papers with child - uncontested divorce with minor child georgia

How does a divorce in Georgia with children look?

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • how can you support your child during divorce
  • how to file for divorce with children
  • can you have an uncontested divorce with kids
  •  how much is a divorce with children

So, keep reading.

Custody can be devastating. It’s heartbreaking when parents lose custody of their children. Spouses end up having to pay agonizing amounts of financial support.

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Divorce In Georgia With Child

Getting a divorce with children in Georgia is daunting. 

Let’s look at the types of divorce and the costs of divorce with children in Georgia.

Can You Have An Uncontested Divorce With Minor Children In Georgia?

You can have an uncontested divorce with minor children in Georgia. 

All you need to do is:

You can fill out and file uncontested divorce papers without a lawyer. 

But when you fill out uncontested divorce papers with children, it can get complicated.

The courts are not legally allowed to help you fill out the divorce papers. 

They will recommend that you hire a divorce lawyer in Georgia

Especially if you are getting an uncontested divorce in Georgia with children.

But, you will want to hire an attorney if:

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The Cost Of Divorce With Children In Georgia

What’s the cost of divorce with children in Georgia?

As mentioned above, there are three types of divorces with children you can have:

  • uncontested divorce with a lawyer
  • filing uncontested on your own
  • contested divorce

For an uncontested divorce in Georgia, you’re looking at roughly $7,500.

The average cost of a contested divorce with children is $21,000

When it’s contested, the cost of divorce is for EACH spouse

When you file by yourself, you will spend roughly $1,000 for divorce. 

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How To Start A Divorce In Georgia With Children

All divorces follow the same general process. 

But getting a divorce with kids in Georgia has a couple of extra steps to take. 

You need to account for:

  • child custody
  • visitation schedules
  • parenting plans
  • child support

Getting a divorce with children tends to get nasty when parents start attacking each other for custody.

Spouses will try to prove that the other is an unfit parent with:

  • character witnesses
  • testimonials
  • text messages
  • video and audio recordings
  • social media posts

Your child custody lawyer won’t tell you this. 

But the only person that benefits from this is your lawyer. 

Dragging out a divorce increases the cost of your divorce. 

The judge wants both parents to be equally involved in their child’s life. 

And, unless there are reasons to, the judge will give you shared custody

They care about what’s in the best interest of your child

Not what you and your ex want to happen. 

It’s in your best interest to work together with the same goal in mind

And come up with a fair parenting plan. 

No matter how much you dislike each other during the divorce process

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How Do I File For Divorce With A Child

This is a general overview of filing for divorce with a child in Georgia.

The steps you’re going to take are:

  1. determine your residency
  2. fill out your divorce papers
  3. file your divorce papers
  4. serve your spouse with the divorce papers
  5. get temporary orders
  6. attend mediation
  7. show up to court

First, you need to figure out which county you’re a resident of in Georgia. 

It’s the county you’ve lived in for the past 6 months. 

In Georgia, you can file for a no-fault divorce by saying you have irreconcilable differences

When you fill out your Petition For Divorce, address issues you want the courts to handle, like:

If you agree on all of these issues, you can file for an uncontested divorce in Georgia.

If you’re filing uncontested, you need to file a Divorce Settlement Agreement with your petition. 

Whether your divorce is uncontested or not, you still have to serve your spouse

You should consider attending divorce mediation

If you’re getting a divorce in Georgia with children, this can help tremendously

A divorce mediation can:

  • avoid a custody battle
  • save you thousands in legal fees (for each side)
  • make the separation easier on the children
  • avoid more hostility between spouses

Whether you attend mediation or not, the next step is showing up to court

The judge will ask you and your ex to both present your side of the story

And if you’re getting a divorce with kids, they will make sure the child’s best interests are met

After this hearing, you’ll receive your court orders granting your divorce. 

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Getting Divorced With Kids In Georgia

Getting divorced with kids in Georgia is tough on parents too. 

You’re struggling with your own problems. 

But you still have to help your child deal with their family life being torn apart. 

How Does Divorce Affect Children?

When getting a divorce in Georgia with children, you’re probably wondering how it affects them

Studies show that the first two years are the toughest on children

Usually, it’s not the divorce itself that’s the toughest part. 

It’s having their lives uprooted by:

  • changing schools
  • moving into a new home
  • having to go back and forth each week between parents
  • being separated from their friends

This is why judges normally focus on NOT uprooting the children’s lives.

When children’s parents go through a divorce, it’s common to see the children have:

  • mental health struggles
  • behavior problems
  • poor academic performance 
  • higher risk-taking behaviors

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How To Tell Your Child About Divorce

At some point, you and your spouse have to figure out how to tell your children about the divorce. 

No matter what age they are, it’s best that they hear it from you

Or you risk them hearing about you separating from someone else

Check out this article on how to tell your children about divorce

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How To Help A Child Deal With Divorce

Parents going through a divorce is tough on kids. 

So, how can you help your children deal with a divorce

Your children are going to be dealing with lots of emotions like:

  • guilt
  • anxiety
  • regression
  • withdrawing
  • trouble focusing

They may not be reaching out to you for help. 

But you can support your children when going through a divorce with children.

The best ways to support kids through divorce are:

  • be calm and confident on the surface (even if you’re not internally)
  • be civil about your ex and don’t bad mouth them
  • get support for them from teachers, parents of their friends, and your family

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How To Get A Divorce In Georgia With Children

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