Divorce Papers

Obtaining a divorce in Georgia can be very time consuming since it comes with a lot of divorce papers.

And if there’s one thing people can generally agree on, it’s that tedious paperwork SUCKS.

That’s why do-it-yourself divorces tend to take even longer than those with an attorney.

If you submit divorce papers that aren’t totally complete, have inaccurate information, or don’t fill out certain forms, it will result in delays or extra costs for you.

No matter how the movies make it look, the divorce process (usually) isn’t over and done in a few weeks.

What Should I Do?

So before you even touch those divorce papers, figure out which court to file in.

It’ll be at your county’s Superior Court. That’s where all family law cases are handled.



Now that you know where you’ll be filing, you’ll need to find what divorce papers you need.

This will include a complaint for divorce.

You’ll fill out your grounds for divorce, aka why you’re seeking a divorce.

There are a lot of options, but the most common is probably an uncontested divorce.

This means that no one is necessarily “at fault” for the divorce.

Basically, there are just “irreconcilable differences.”

Each county provides copies of their court-approved divorce papers. We’ve included links to some of them here:

Fulton County

Dekalb County

Gwinnett County

Cobb County


Once you’ve completely filled out your divorce papers, you’ll want to make copies of them.

The original for the court.

One copy for you.

One copy for your spouse.

Take all three of these to be file-stamped at the courthouse (the clerk will keep the original at this point).

Now you’ll have to serve one of the copies on your spouse- this CANNOT be done personally.

You must use a licensed process server or a sheriff.

Your attorney will probably have a list of court approved process servers in your county, so don’t worry too much about this step.


So you filed the complaint and served your spouse…

What now?

You’ll want to get started on the settlement agreement.

Some couples knock this out quickly…

Others, not so much. It all depends on how well you and your spouse work together to split all of your assets and property.

As for what other divorce papers you’ll need, it mostly depends on your specific situation.

If you and your spouse don’t have children, then you obviously don’t have to fill out child support documents.

Perhaps a mutual restraining order is needed, mediation report,  or financial statements.

You’ll want to review your case with a divorce attorney near you to figure out what divorce papers you need in your circumstances.


Once you’re finished with your divorce papers, you’ll submit them to the court and wait for your court date.

You’ll simply appear at court on that date and time.

This part is necessary to make sure you and your spouse truly understand what you’re agreeing to.

It’s to verify that neither spouse is under the influence or any drugs/alcohol in making any of the decisions of the divorce process.

And sometimes the judge will grant the divorce at the first court appearance.

Other times it doesn’t go that smoothly. Sometimes the judge will require several other hearing befores making their final ruling.

Once the judge grants the divorce, get certified copies of the divorce decree/judgement from the clerk and you’ll be all set!

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