Gun Deaths Per Capita By Country (17 Starting Statistics)

Gun Deaths Per Capita By Country - Gun Violence Per Capita By Country - Per Capita Gun Deaths By Country - Gun Deaths By Country Per Capita

How many gun deaths per capita by country are there?

In this article, you’ll learn about: 

  • how many gun deaths per capita for the top 20 countries
  • which countries have the most gun deaths
  • gun death rates by country

Let’s dig in.

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Gun Deaths Per Capita By Country

Gun Deaths Per Capita By Country - Per Capita Gun Deaths By Country - Gun Deaths By Country Per Capita
CountryGun Deaths Per CapitaTotal Gun DeathsPopulation (Millions)Death Rate / 100k
El Salvador366.22,3136.3136
United States111.537,040331.9011
South Africa60.73,61059.396
  • Brazil recorded the world’s highest number of total gun deaths from all causes combined, with 49,436 out of 250,227 worldwide.
  • The United States has the second-highest number of gun deaths with 37,038.

Countries with the Highest Rates of Gun Deaths per 100k residents are:

  • Venezuela – 37
  • El Salvador – 36
  • Guatemala – 33
  • Colombia – 25
  • Brazil – 23

The countries with the highest rates of violent gun death (homicides) per 100,000 residents in 2019 were El Salvador, Venezuela, and Guatemala, with rates of 36.78, 33.27, and 29.06 respectively. 

Regarding firearm-related suicides per 100,000 residents, Greenland, the United States, and Uruguay topped the list with rates of 16.36, 7.12, and 4.74 respectively.

  • Ranking by Gun Deaths Per Capita: Venezuela, El Salvador, and Guatemala top the list with the highest number of gun deaths per capita, while Russia, Nigeria, and Turkey are at the bottom. It’s important to note that while these countries have low deaths per capita, their total number of gun deaths are still considerably high.
  • Total Gun Deaths: Brazil has the highest absolute number of gun deaths, which is significantly higher than the rest, even though its gun deaths per capita is fifth on the list. Conversely, El Salvador and Honduras have significantly fewer total gun deaths but rank high in deaths per capita, reflecting their smaller populations.
  • Death Rate per 100,000: Venezuela, El Salvador, and Guatemala have the highest death rates per 100,000 people. Countries like Russia, Nigeria, and Ethiopia, even with their large populations, have a significantly lower death rate per 100,000.
  • Developed vs. Developing Countries: The majority of countries on the list can be categorized as developing nations. The United States and France are exceptions, with the U.S. having a notably higher gun death rate compared to France.

Gun violence and related fatalities vary significantly across the globe. 

An assessment of gun deaths per capita by country allows us to understand the prevalence and gravity of gun-related incidents in various nations.

Venezuela tops the list with the highest gun deaths by country per capita, recording 375.9 deaths for every 100,000 individuals.

This equates to a total of 10,599 gun-related deaths. 

This is especially alarming considering its population of 28.20 million, leading to a death rate of 37 per 100,000. 

Following closely is El Salvador, which despite its smaller population of 6.31 million, experiences a death rate of 36 per 100,000, highlighting its gun violence per capita.

Guatemala and Colombia come next, with per capita gun deaths of 349.7 and 255.7 respectively. 

Brazil, despite having a per capita gun death rate of 230.7, has the highest absolute number of gun fatalities at 49,437, reflective of its sizable population.

Countries like the United States and Mexico, despite their vast populations, have comparatively lower death rates per 100,000, standing at 11 and 17, respectively. 

However, the sheer size of their populations means the total number of deaths remains substantial.

It’s notable that many countries with high gun deaths per capita rates are situated in Central and South America, indicating regional challenges related to gun violence.

Towards the lower end of the scale, countries like France, Ethiopia, Turkey, Nigeria, and Russia demonstrate fewer gun deaths both in absolute numbers and per capita. 

Their gun deaths by country per capita rates range from 17.3 to 31.0, with corresponding death rates per 100,000 ranging from 2 to 3.

In summary, while absolute numbers provide a stark realization of the magnitude of gun deaths, the gun violence per capita by country metric offers insight into the relative risk faced by individuals based on their location. 

This data underscores the urgent need for strategic interventions, legislation, and public awareness campaigns in countries with heightened gun violence.


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