How Many Gun Owners In America?

How Many Gun Owners In America - How Many Americans Own Guns - What Percentage Of Americans Own Guns - Number Of Gun Owners In The US

How many gun owners are there in America? 

In this article, you’ll learn about: 

  • how many Americans own guns
  • how many registered gun owners there are
  • how many guns the average American owns
  • how many guns per 100 people there are in the US

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How Many Gun Owners Are In America?

There are ~106.2 million gun owners in America.

Roughly 32% of people own a gun in the US.

There is no way to know the exact number of gun owners in America. 

There is no federal requirement to register your guns. 

We know that ~32% of Americans own guns from a Pew Research survey. 

How Many Registered Gun Owners In The US?

There are an estimated 1.83 million registered gun owners in the US.

We know that there are 8,047,482 registered guns in America

That means that 1.72% of guns are registered. 

This won’t be an exact number as it’s just an estimation. 

But, we know that:

  • ~106.2 million Americans own a gun 
  • 1.72% of guns are registered

106.2 million people x 1.72% guns that are registered = 1.83 million registered gun owners in America. 

How Many Guns Does The Average American Own?

The average American owns 4.38 guns. 

We know that:

331.9 million x 32% = 106.2 million people that own a gun. 

466 million guns / 106.2 million people = 4.38 guns per gun owner in the US.

How Many Guns Per 100 People In America?

There are 140.4 guns per 100 people in America. 

We calculate this by:

(466 million guns / 331.9 million people) x 100 = 140.4 guns per 100 people in the US. 

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How Many Guns Does The Average American Gun Owner Have?

The average gun owner owns 4.4 guns. 

Here is a breakdown based on the survey from Pew Research:

# of Guns Owned% of People
2 - 437%

How Many Guns Can You Own?

In the US, there is no limit to how many guns you can own. 

You can own as many guns as you would like.


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