How Many People Are Murdered Each Year?

How Many People Are Murdered Each Year - US Murders Per Year - US Homicides Per Year - How Many Murders A Year In US - Murders In US Per Year

How many people are murdered each year?

In this article, you’ll learn about: 

  • how many people are murdered per year
  • how the number of murders has grown each year
  • which years had the most and least murders
  • how many people get murdered per day

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How Many People Are Murdered Each Year?

On average, 16,222 people are murdered each year in the US. 

2020 had the most murders at 21,548 murders that year. 

2014 had the least murders at 14,009 that year. 

On average, the number of murders per year increases by 4.25%. 

At the same time, our population grows an average of 0.73% per year. 

That’s why the murder rates each year keep going up. 

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How Many People Are Murdered Each Year - How Many Murders In US Per Year - Murders In The US By Year - Murders Per Year In US
Year# of Murders Per YearHomicide RateUS Population

FAQs About How Many People Are Murdered Each Year

Here are other questions we found related to the number of people murdered each year. 

How Many Murders Happen A Day?

44.4 murders happen per day in the US. 

On average, 16,222 murders happen per year. 

16,222 / 365 days = 44.4 murders per day. 

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How Many People Are Murderers?

0.0028% of people are murderers. 

9,084 people murder someone per year. 

In 2016, there were 17,446 murders in the US. 

13,105 murders were from 4,743 serial killers. 

4,341 murders were by people who only killed one person. 

Adding up the number of serial killers and single murders tells us how many people are murderers. 

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How Many Gun Homicides Are In The US?

There are 16,222 gun homicides in the US per year. 

On average, there are 43,052 gun deaths per year in America. 

Of those 43,052 gun deaths per year: 

  • 38.91% (16,753) are gun homicides
  • 54.21% (23,337) are suicides by gun

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How Many Americans Have Guns?

81.4 million Americans own a gun.

30% of Americans own a gun.

36% of people in the South own a gun.

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