Investor Friendly Real Estate Attorney

Investor Friendly Real Estate AttorneyInvestor Friendly Real Estate Attorney

Real estate investors seeking opportunities in the commercial and residential real estate markets need an attorney who understands their goals, their business, and the real estate market in Atlanta (and surrounding cities).

Whether you’re a wholesaler looking for a real estate closing attorney or a landlord needing a property eviction lawyer, we have you covered.

The needs of real estate investors vary between investors and, in general, are vastly different than the typical homebuyer. This is why finding an investor friendly real estate attorney is so crucial when you’re in Atlanta.

Having a go-to attorney that can help you accomplish your real estate deals is priceless.

Real Estate Closing Attorney

We assist investors with real estate closings on all types of properties. Having our help to guide you through the closing process offers two specific benefits:

  • Smooth transition of title.
  • No surprises; you get what you bargained for.

Creating an LLC

Investor friendly real estate attorneys can also provide you with help in creating an LLC to better protect yourself and your properties.

We understand that in many cases, your real estate assets are your “main income,” so to speak. It takes care of your residual bills, so it needs to be protected at all costs!

An LLC can help by

  • Keeping your personal assets separate from your business assets.
  • “Pass-Through” taxation, minimizing the amount of money taken from your income come tax-time.
  • Easily claim business expenses.

Real Estate Negotiations

In general, attorneys are trained in conflict resolution and negotiations. Having an investor friendly real estate attorney on your side can sometimes be the deciding factor in making a deal worthwhile.

An investor friendly real estate attorney can up the ante of negotiations, be a voice of reason to stop you from making an emotional decision, and simple provide a different point of view.

And as an added bonus, it tends to scare away an unprofessional or “sketchy” investors, which safeguards you and your money.

Give Us A Call!

We’d be more than happy to be your go-to real estate attorneys in Atlanta! Give us a call and we can talk about how we can better serve your business and help you accomplish all of your real estate goals for this year.


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