Non-Compete Agreements In Georgia: 3 Things You Need To Know

Non Compete Agreement Georgia - Georgia Non Compete Law - Non Compete In Georgia

Are non-compete agreements in Georgia enforceable? 

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • what makes non-competes enforceable
  • what non-competes include
  • how long do non-competes last
  • can you refuse to sign a non-compete

Let’s dig in.

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You don’t want to lose talent to your competition. Or have them take your business processes and start their own company. 

Our Georgia non-compete agreements give you the protection you need. So you don’t have to worry about training people and creating competition for yourself down the road. 

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Non Compete Agreements In Georgia

Let’s talk about some key takeaways from non-compete agreements in Georgia:

  • employees cannot compete with previous employers for a set period of time
  • employees cannot work for competitors
  • employees cannot reveal any trade secrets during employment
  • the non-compete outlines how they can’t compete
  • they can keep employees from getting jobs in related fields

Non-compete agreements get used for protecting business interests. 

These business interests include:

  • trade secrets
  • valuable personal information
  • specific business practices
  • relationships with clients
  • confidential business information 
  • specialized training
  • a geographical market or location

What Is A Non-Compete Agreement?

A non-compete doesn’t allow an employee to become a competitor for the business. 

Whether that’s within a competitor company or starting their own business

A non-compete agreement in Georgia is a legal agreement or clause in a contract.

It specifies that an employee must not enter into competition with an employer.

This is the case whether they are working for another company or starting a business.

These agreements also prohibit the employee from revealing proprietary information or secrets.

They cannot disclose this info to any other parties during or after employment.

This includes competitors they go work for or vendors inside your industry.

Many non-competes in Georgia have a certain timeline.

During this timeline, the employee gets barred from working with a competitor.

And they cannot start their own company to compete with you.

Employers may need employees to sign non-compete agreements to keep their market share.

People who may get required to sign non-competes include employees, contractors, and consultants.

What Does Non-Compete Mean?

Non-compete means that the employee cannot become competition to your business.

“Competition” gets defined as working for a competitor or starting a competing business.

Consultants and independent contractors can get asked to sign an agreement.

Employees signing non-compete agreements in Georgia keeps them from using information about:

  • operations
  • clients
  • customers
  • formulas
  • pricing
  • strategy
  • salary
  • methods and practices
  • future products
  • public relations
  • marketing plans

How Does A Non-Compete Work In Georgia?

Non-compete agreements in Georgia have to be fair to both parties.

Meaning that the agreement cannot favor the employer only.

This is so that your Georgia non-compete can be enforceable.

Other ways to make sure your non-compete is enforceable is by having:

  • a start date for the agreement
  • a reason for having the non-compete agreement
  • how long the employee cannot compete with the employer
  • how the employee will get compensated for not competing

Non-competes in Georgia are legally binding.

But they have to have reasonable limitations tied to them.

To make a non-compete enforceable, the reasonable limitations you have to have are:

  • realistic regions the employer can’t work
  • the timeline for the agreement

How Long Does A Georgia Non-Compete Last?

For Georgia, a non-compete can last up to two years and still be enforceable.

Georgia Non-Compete Law

Let’s talk about some basic Georgia non-compete laws.

  • Georgia non-competes are legally binding contracts
  • restrictions of competition are legal and permitted
  •  employers must offer the employee some compensation for signing a non-compete

New employees may get “compensated” by getting the job

Existing employees can get “compensated” by keeping their jobs

Georgia non-compete laws don’t make an agreement invalid due to an unenforceable term.

The courts can remove or change these unenforceable terms.

And leave the remaining non-compete agreement intact.

This is why Georgia’s non-compete laws get considered “employer-friendly.”

There are four distinct roles that a Georgia non-compete agreement can get used for:

  • salespersons
  • “vital” employees and professionals
  • management roles
  • employees who get business from customers

Employers should work with an attorney to create their non-compete agreements in Georgia.

This is to make sure that their non-competes are enforceable.

Which allows them to avoid drawn-out court processes

Are Georgia Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable?

Non-compete agreements in Georgia are enforceable under Georgia’s Restrictive Covenants Act.

But there are limitations to how enforceable a non-compete agreement is in Georgia.

They must be reasonable in the:

  • the timeline of the agreement (i.e., 2 years)
  • geographical area (i.e., only in your city)
  • the scope of the prohibited activities

Non-competes in Georgia can only be enforceable on:

  • salespeople
  • managers
  • key employees or professionals

Refusing To Sign A Non-Compete Agreement In Georgia

You have the right of refusing to sign a non-compete agreement in Georgia.

And the employer cannot force you to sign a non-compete agreement.

But employers can make signing the agreement conditional for employment.

If you’re a new hire, they don’t have to give you a job if you won’t sign the agreement.

For existing employees, signing one can be a condition of your continued employment.

You can get fired for refusing to sign a Georgia non-compete agreement.

Signing a non-agreement means you give up a right that you would have otherwise had.

A non-compete is a binding contract.

Most of the time, the employer has to compensate you for signing a non-compete.

But the courts will accept the job you had as adequate compensation for signing.

You are able to refuse to sign a non-compete agreement in Georgia.

An employer cannot force an employee to sign a non-compete in Georgia.

But, they can make your continued employment contingent on you signing it.

They have the right to fire you if you refuse to sign a non-compete agreement.

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