What Are The Nurse Divorce Rates?

Nurses Divorce Rates - Divorce Rate For Nurses - Married To A Nurse

What are the nurse divorce rates?

This article is going to cover:

  • the divorce rate for nurses
  • how they compare to other healthcare professions
  • the reasons for nurses having high divorce rates

Let’s dig in.

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Divorce Rates For Nurses

37% of nurses have gotten a divorce.

Nurses have the highest divorce rates in healthcare.

The national average percentage of nurses that have been married is 75.7%.

Of every 100 nurses, 75.7% have been married.

Of those 75.7%, 37% have been divorced.

That means that, for every 75.7 marriages, 28 nurses get divorced.

Why Nurses Get Divorced

Let’s talk about why nurses have a high rate of divorce.

Respondents were able to select multiple reasons for divorce.

  • Lack of commitment – 70.6%
  • Too much conflict – 53.8%
  • Financial problems – 50.0%
  • Domestic violence – 40.0%
  • Substance abuse – 33.3%
  • Infidelity or extramarital affairs – 31.3%
  • Getting married too young – 27.3%
  • Health problems – 25.0%
  • Lack of support from family – 20.0%

There are many reasons why marriages end for nurses.

The ones that lead to the high divorce rate are:

  • commitment
  • conflict
  • finances
  • violence

But the reasons that caused the lowest divorce rates were:

  • age
  • health
  • lack of support

Married To A Nurse

If you’re married to a nurse, here are some reasons they have higher divorce rates.

1. High-Stress Jobs

The nursing profession is very stressful.

Loads of stress can cause:

  • depression
  • isolation from patients
  • not being present at work
  • steady decreases in their qualifications

But high stress jobs are specific to the nurse’s role.

Emergency room or ICU nurses who are on call have very high stress.

Along with long hours and a terrible work-life balance.

But a home healthcare nurse or a clinic nurse may have less job stress.

They also have high exposure to:

  • infectious diseases
  • harsh chemicals
  • dangerous medications.

2. Long Hours

12-hour shifts are commonplace for nurses.

But, because of the 12-hour shifts, nurses normally only work 3 days a week.

65% of nurses work 12-13 hour shifts.

Of that 65% of nurses, up to 56% are burnt out.

Working long hours affects nurses’ entire lives.

It causes nurses to:

  • perform worse at work
  • be obese
  • have injuries
  • develop chronic diseases

Which can lead to dissatisfaction in their lives.

This will increase the divorce rates of nurses.

3. Work-Life Balance

Nurses have very inflexible schedules.

They have to work day, night, weekend, and even holiday shifts.

This makes it difficult to foster relationships with their spouses and children.

And remember that 65% are working 12-13 hour shifts.

But 26% of nurses are working 8-9 hour shifts.

Both of these are full-time, but they are extremely different schedules.

While 26% of nurses have steady schedules, the other 75% have:

  • chaotic shifts
  • random schedules
  • long hours
  • overtime
  • exposure to death and trauma

Again, a work-life imbalance can bleed into the home life.

And this is what increases the divorce rates for nurses.

FAQ About Nurse Divorce Rates

These are some common questions we get from our nurses getting a divorce.

Do Doctors And Nurses Have Affairs?

21% of doctors and nurses have affairs according to Pub Med.

They surveyed 367 volunteers.

Of that group, 77 doctors and nurses have had an affair.

Of those 77 people, 63 were doctors.

That comes out to be 81.7%.

Of those 77 people, 14 were nurses.

That comes out to be 18%.

Men were more likely to cheat than women.

What Are Common Nurse Marriage Problems?

Some common nurse marriage problems that lead to higher divorce rates are:

  • childcare issues
  • chaotic work schedules
  • not enough support from a spouse
  • financial issues

Lack of commitment (support) causes 70.6% of divorces in nurses.

A cheating spouse causes 31%.

Financial struggles cause 50% of the divorce rates for nurses.

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