5 Irreconcilable Differences You Need To Use For Divorce

Divorcing with Irreconcilable Differences A lot of our clients have uncontested divorces. When they file for divorce, they describe their grounds for divorce as irreconcilable differences. Irreconcilable meaning a no-fault divorce. They basically are telling the courts that neither party is at fault. Neither party did anything wrong. What Happens If You Don’t File With … Continued

If There Is No Custody Order In Place Can I Take My Child?

If there is no custody order in place can I take my child? We get this question all the time from clients. This blog is going to cover topics like moving out of state taking your child from the other parent avoiding parental kidnapping whether police enforce child custody how keeping the child away from … Continued

[How To] Getting Custody Back From Grandparents

Have you found yourself working on getting custody back from grandparents? Taking your child back without a court order violates the grandparents legal rights. And withholding grandchildren from grandparents with custody is breaking the law. So, let’s talk about getting custody back from grandparents legally. Table of Contents

The Best Guide to the Grounds for Full Custody of Child

This is the best guide to using the grounds for full custody of child. The best part? Figuring out how to get full custody of a child is easy. Getting full custody for mothers is easier to get than getting full custody as a father. We are going over: what is sole custody how to … Continued

5 Ways on How Can a Mother Lose Custody of Her Child?

You’re here because you’re the mother, father, or relative trying to figure out how can a mother lose custody of her child? Maybe you’re trying to figure out: reasons a mother can lose custody how can a mom get full custody how a father can lose visitation rights or getting custody back from grandparents No … Continued

How To Easily Stop Your Marriage – Annulment in Georgia

So you recently got married, but you realized it’s not going to work out. You’re probably wondering about getting an annulment in Georgia. In this article, we’re going to go over everything pertaining to an annulment in Georgia. I have made a table of contents so that it’s easier to navigate everything you need to … Continued

What Is The Divorce Process In Georgia?

Are you thinking about filing for divorce? But you’re wondering what is the divorce process in Georgia? This article is going to go over: The steps to getting a divorce. How to get divorce papers. Where to file for divorce. How long does it take to get a divorce? How much does it cost to … Continued

How to Hire the Best Child Custody Lawyers in Georgia

Do you want to potentially lose custody of your child? Or do you want to get as much custody of your child as possible? Hiring the right child custody lawyer in Georgia can mean the difference between: Not having any say in where they go to school and deciding where they go. Being helpless in … Continued

How To Save Money on the Cost of Uncontested Divorce In Georgia

The average cost of divorce in Georgia is $21,000. You’re here because you want to save money on the cost of uncontested divorce in Georgia. You don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a break-up. Filing for divorce in Georgia is hard enough without going into debt to pay for your divorce.  … Continued

How To Beat Child Custody Laws In Georgia

You’re hear to learn more about the child custody laws in Georgia. Maybe it’s because you’re facing divorce and a custody battle with your spouse. Maybe you in the middle of a divorce and are trying to wrap your head around child custody laws. Maybe your divorce is final, but you’re still struggling with your … Continued

[Updated] 13 Grounds For Divorce In Georgia

When you file for divorce in Georgia, you have to prove that you and your spouse are experiencing one of the grounds for divorce in Georgia. These 13 grounds for divorce in Georgia are: The marriage is irreparable. Being too closely related (consanguinity). Impotency or inability to have kids at the time of marriage. The mental capacity … Continued

Uncontested Divorce In Georgia [Ultimate Guide]

Filing for an uncontested divorce in Georgia can save you THOUSANDS of dollars on your divorce. Everyone wants to have an easy divorce that doesn’t ruin them financially and emotionally. If you think you and your spouse are in a position to file for an uncontested divorce, you’re in the right spot. Our goal is … Continued

Child Support Laws Georgia

If you’re facing a divorce in Georgia with children, you’re probably wondering who pays child support, how child support is calculated, and how child support works. This article is going to go over the ins and outs of the child support laws Georgia follows, including: How Child Support Works Can Child Support Take Your Whole … Continued