How To Get A Private Adoption In Georgia

Private Adoption In Georgia - Private Adoption Process In Georgia - Private Adoptions In GA - How Much Does A Private Adoption Cost

Considering a private adoption in Georgia?

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • the private adoption process in Georgia
  • whether you need a home study
  • how private adoption works
  • how long does a private adoption take
  • how much does a private adoption cost

Let’s dig in.

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How To Do A Private Adoption In Georgia

A private adoption in Georgia is one that’s not through the foster care system

A private adoption can be through an adoption agency

Or you can work directly with another family to adopt their child. 

Let’s talk about the private adoption process in Georgia. 

Private Adoption Process In Georgia

There are two scenarios for the private adoption process in Georgia. 

You can work directly with the adopting parents. 

Or you can work with an adoption agency. 

The private adoption process in Georgia if you’re working with an agency is:

  1. make an inquiry with the Division of Family & Children Services
  2. attend an “information session” provided by the DFCS
  3. schedule a home visit with your Resource Development Worker
  4. attend an Adoption Preparation Program
  5. you become eligible for adopting someone’s child
  6. wait to have a child placed with your family
  7. find a suitable match
  8. attend pre-placement meetings
  9. sign a Placement Agreement and have the child placed with your family
  10. your lawyer will file the adoption petition
  11. you’ll attend the adoption hearing to finalize the adoption

(You can also make an inquiry by filling out a Homes for Georgia’s Kids inquiry form.)

The independent adoption process in Georgia is:

  1. hire an adoption lawyer
  2. find a suitable family who will let you adopt their child
  3. create an adoption plan
  4. sign a Placement Agreement and have the child placed with you
  5. file an adoption petition 
  6. attend the adoption hearing and finalize the adoption

Do You Need A Home Study For An Independent Adoption?

You do not need a home study for an independent adoption. 

You only need a home study if you are working with the Division of Family and Children Services.

If you know the adoptive family well, you don’t need a home study for an independent adoption. 

But, if you don’t know them, you may want to do a home study

A home study for adoption will tell you:

  • family history, relationships, education, and values
  • information about any previous marriages
  • marital status and evaluation of family life
  • their experience with children
  • their motivation to adopt your child
  • their expectations for the child
  • their attitude about discipline, religion, and education
  • their health histories
  • their financial information
  • about their references
  • their background checks
  • the type of child that they desire to adopt

What Is A Private Adoption?

Private adoption in Georgia is the most common type of adoption. 

In a private adoption, the biological parents voluntarily put their children up for adoption

And the parents get to choose the family that the child gets placed with. 

Private adoptions in Georgia can either be:

Private adoption is the normal adoption process that comes to mind. 

The other type is public adoption

That’s when the Department of Social Services terminates the parental rights of a biological parent.

And they place the child into the foster care system

If someone adopts a foster child, that’s a public adoption. 

Let’s talk about how does private adoption work.

How Does Private Adoption Work?

Private adoption is a process where the birth parents select the adoptive parents

And they place the child directly with them. 

With a private adoption, the parents can work directly with the other parents. 

Or they can work with an adoption agency. 

Either way, for a private adoption, you’ll need to hire:

  • adoption attorney
  • home study provider
  • counselor for the birth mother

The real difference is that an adoption agency handles all of this coordination for you. 

But you’ll have to put this team together yourself if you work directly with another couple. 

(A good adoption lawyer will have this team in place for you.)

Your adoption lawyer will:

  • terminate the parental rights of the birth parents
  • legally finalize the adoption

How Long Does A Private Adoption Take?

Private adoptions are usually completed within 2 years. 

How long does a private adoption take depends on your situation. 

Let’s say you want to do an independent adoption where already have a history with the birth parents. 

An independent adoption can take as little as two months. 

This scenario really just depends on how long the court process takes for private adoption in Georgia.

If you work with an adoption agency in Georgia, it can take 6-24 months to complete an adoption. 

How long does a private adoption take depends on:

  • how large or small the adoption agency is
  • if the birth family just got pregnant or already has the child
  • how strict you are on your criteria for the child and the birth family
  • how long does it take you to get through the training and home evaluation

How Much Does A Private Adoption Cost?

A private adoption can cost $30,500 to $48,500. 

An independent adoption can cost you $25,000 to $38,000. 

The costs of adoption that you’re going to see are:

  • home study fees: $2,000 – $4,000
  • adoption training: $300 – $600
  • advertising to find a birth mother: $1,000 – $5,000 
  • adoption consultant: $3,000 – $7,000
  • prenatal and postnatal fees associated with the birth: $6,000 – $8,000
  • legal fees: $7,000 – $15,000
  • the cost to travel: $2,000 – $3,000

Some of these costs for a private adoption in Georgia can be reduced. 

These are just the averages. 

It’s better to plan for these costs up front and have the expenses be less. 

You don’t want to get into the middle of a private adoption in Georgia and run out of money. 

Looking To Adopt A Baby Privately

Looking to adopt a baby privately? 

Here are some common scenarios for families looking to adopt a baby privately. 

Can You Have A Private Adoption Without An Agency?

Yes, you can have a private adoption without an agency. 

This is referred to as an “independent adoption.”

In a normal private adoption in Georgia, the agency handles everything. 

Everything including the:

  • home evaluation
  • setting you up for training
  • finding you a birth mother
  • vetting the birth parents for you
  • mediation between both parties
  • the legalities of the adoption

If you have a private adoption without an agency, you have to do these tasks. 

Adopting A Friend's Baby

Adopting a friend’s baby seems like a great idea. 

You both know each other. 

You already have that relationship built. 

And your child is not going to a random family. 

But, you need to consider how well you can handle watching your friend raise your child. 

When adopting a friend’s baby, the biological parents terminate their parental rights. 

Meaning that they have zero rights to the child anymore. 

But they have to watch that child get raised. 

This could cause tension in the friendship later down the road. 

Just make sure that you both discuss hard topics when adopting a friend’s baby. 

Discuss things like:

  • religion
  • education
  • medical decisions
  • discipline
  • telling the child who their parents are

Private Adoption Older Children

Private adoption for older children is the same as a normal private adoption. 

That goes for the biological parents and the adoptive parents. 

The biological parents will need to terminate their parental rights. 

And the adoptive parents will need to file a petition for adoption. 

Both parents will still need to go through the vetting process. 

Laws For Private Adoption In Georgia

There are legal requirements for private adoptions in Georgia. 

The parents who are adopting the child must:

  • be 21+ years old or married and living together
  • be at least 10 years older than the child
  • be a resident of Georgia
  • be financially, physically, and mentally able to have permanent custody of the child

How To Get A Private Adoption In Georgia

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