Uncontested Divorce In Georgia With Children

Uncontested Divorce In Georgia With Children​

Are you considering having an uncontested divorce in Georgia with children?

This article will cover:

  • what to expect with your uncontested divorce
  • what you need to agree on
  • what extra paperwork you need to fill out

Let’s dig in.

Custody can be devastating. It’s heartbreaking when parents lose custody of their children. Spouses end up having to pay agonizing amounts of financial support.

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Uncontested Divorce In Georgia With Children

Can you even have an uncontested divorce in Georgia with children?

An uncontested divorce means that every aspect of the divorce is uncontested. 

This means that you and your spouse must agree on every aspect of the divorce. 

But what if you currently disagree on a lot of things? 

As long as you both come to an agreement before the divorce papers get filed, it can be an uncontested divorce. 

Uncontested divorce in Georgia topics include:

  • physical custody arrangements (where the child will live)
  • legal custody (who makes important decisions for the child)
  • visitation rights
  • shared custody schedule
  • child support payments

You have to agree on EVERYTHING to have an uncontested divorce in Georgia with children.

If there are any topics on which you cannot agree, then it becomes a contested divorce

But I’m assuming you want to reduce the cost of divorce in Georgia

You can attend divorce mediation if you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement. 

(Do this BEFORE you file for divorce in Georgia.)

This way, you keep the divorce lawyers out of your divorce process

Resolving your differences before you file for divorce can save tens of thousands for BOTH of you. 

After you resolve your disagreements, it’s time to file for divorce. 

Fill out a Petition for Divorce. 

On your petition, fill out everything that y’all agree on. 

Then, file it as an uncontested divorce in Georgia with children

Extra Paperwork For Uncontested Divorce In Georgia With Children

Uncontested divorce with children takes extra work compared to one without kids. 

You need to file extra papers when filing for an uncontested divorce in Georgia with children.

This paperwork ensures that all child custody and child support matters get handled properly. 

You’ll need to outline the details of the child’s living arrangements. 

And you may need to complete a parenting plan (by the judge’s orders).

You need to calculate and agree on how much child support gets paid. 

Add include these numbers and arrangements to your divorce petition.

You Need The Judge's Approval

If you agree on everything, why do you need a judge’s approval for an uncontested divorce in Georgia with children?

Your settlement and your final divorce will still need to be approved by a judge before it’s finalized.

But don’t worry, the judges usually don’t have a problem with granted the divorce. 

They only have a problem if the agreement is unfair to one spouse. 

And they will definitely get involved if the agreement is not in the best interest of the kids. 

Usually, the judge just looks over the agreement and signs off on it. 

Then, after the state-mandated time period has passed, your divorce will be considered final.

Advantages Of Uncontested Divorce for Your Children

Yeah, you save time, stress, and money with an uncontested divorce in Georgia with children.

But your children also benefit from this too. 

Think about the opposite. 

Long, drawn-out divorce and custody battles are very taxing on the whole family.

They become extremely stressful and emotionally taxing for children.

Let’s imagine the parents are able to negotiate and come to an amicable agreement. 

This can help keep your kids from having to choose sides during the battle. 

And this can help them maintain strong and healthy relationships with you AFTER the divorce. 

Getting An Uncontested Divorce In Georgia

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