What Is A Non-Contested Divorce?

Noncontested Divorce - Non-Contested Divorce - What Is Non Contested Divorce

What is a non-contested divorce and how do you get one? 

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • how to get a non-contested divorce
  • the difference between a contested divorce and non-contested
  • how much is a non-contested divorce
  • how to file for non-contested divorce without a lawyer

Let’s dig in.

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What Is A Non-Contested Divorce?

A non-contested divorce is a divorce where the couple has resolved all issues related to:

  • child custody
  • visitation schedules
  • child support
  • alimony
  • division of assets
  • division of debts

In some states, you can avoid showing up to court with a noncontested divorce. 

But others make you show up to court to finalize your divorce regardless. 

The Difference Between Contested And Non-Contested Divorces

In a non-contested divorce, you and your spouse are able to come to agreements on your own. 

You may not agree on everything right away. 

But you can both hash things out and come to an agreement prior to filing for divorce

In a contested divorce, the final decision is left up to the judge

A contested divorce is litigation between you and your spouse. 

A contested divorce significantly increases your cost of divorce

The cost of uncontested divorce is, on average, $15,000 cheaper per spouse. 

This is because divorce lawyers need to negotiate agreements. 

And you’ll have to show up in court multiple times. 

A contested divorce involves:

If you can have a non-contested divorce, you can save significant time and money. 

How To Get A Non-Contested Divorce

To get a non-contested divorce, you and your spouse have to agree on all issues

You may not agree on these issues initially

But when you file for a non-contested divorce, you need to have an agreement

Because when you file for non-contested divorce, you have to submit your settlement agreement

Some spouses may still struggle to come to an agreement before they file. 

Issues like child custody and child support can be difficult to resolve. 

You can attend divorce mediation to come to a mutual divorce agreement

After you have an agreement, you fill out your divorce settlement agreement

This is a legally binding contract between you and your spouse. 

You’ll file this with your petition for divorce. 

All of your divorce paperwork gets filed at your local Superior Clerk’s Office.

How To File For Non-Contested Divorce

If you are filing for a non-contested divorce without a lawyer, these are the steps you need to take. 

  • complete the divorce paperwork
  • file the paperwork and pay your filing fees
  • serve your spouse with the divorce petition
  • file a motion for judgment on the pleadings to avoid court

You can get divorce papers from:

  • a non-contested divorce lawyer
  • online sites selling divorce papers
  • your Superior Clerk’s Office

You can hire the local Sherrif’s office to serve the divorce petition to your spouse.

The motion for judgment allows you to skip the court hearings

It asks the judge to grant your divorce based on the documents you’ve submitted. 

And asks that you not be required to show up to court

It is up to the judge to make this decision of you needing to show up.

If you hire a non-contested divorce lawyer, they will handle all of this for you

How Much Does A Non-Contested Divorce Cost

You have two options when it comes to how much does a non-contested divorce cost

For a non-contested divorce, you can either:

  • file for divorce on your own
  • hire a non-contested divorce lawyer

Let’s talk about the “all-in” costs of non-contested divorce. 

This will include the average amount you’ll pay for:

  • filing fees
  • divorce papers
  • serving your spouse
  • divorce meditation
  • court fees
  • attorney fees

If you file for non-contested divorce on your own, it will cost about $1,500.

If you hire a non-contested divorce lawyer to handle this for you, it’s about $7,500

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