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Without the best divorce lawyers, you risk:

  • Losing Custody Of Your Children
  • Losing Assets That Are Rightfully Yours
  • Losing Alimony That You Deserve
  • Getting Stuck With Debts That Aren’t Yours
  • Paying Too Much In Child Support

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How To Get All Of Your Divorce Completed Without Leaving Your House!

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Are you looking for the best divorce lawyers for your situation?

Do you dread talking to a family law attorney who is going to waste your time? One who is going to charge you $300 per hour for every email they send you? One who will just forget about your divorce until you reach out to them and ask about it – just to get an, “Oh yeah, we’re working on it.”

Your divorce is a big deal. In fact, I’m sure it feels like your life is crumbling around you. But that’s why we wanted to become divorce attorneys – to help guide people through such difficult times so that they can come out of a tough situation in a BETTER position.

To most divorce attorneys, you’re just going to be another manila folder – forgotten in a pile of hundreds of other manila folder divorce cases.

The Hive Law Divorce Papers Prenups Petitions

At the Hive Law, we focus on virtual divorces using Google Meet. (Don’t have Gmail – don’t worry. It works for everyone.)

But why would you choose a family law attorney who does divorces virtually instead of in person, like every other divorce attorney in Georgia?

Let’s be real. You HATE taking off work, driving to your attorney’s office, waiting for 45 minutes, and them just telling something that could have been an email. It’s such a waste of time.

And worse, you lose thousands of dollars with the traditional divorce attorney. You have to take off work, use your PTO, or just don’t get paid. You get charged $300 for every office visit.

This is why the normal, traditional divorce costs $15,000 on average.

When your attorney is bombarded with meetings all day, they don’t have time to focus on your case.

That’s why when you show up, they grab your manila folder from a pile and make you awkwardly wait while they skim the folder and try to figure out what’s going on with your case.

Is this what you signed up for? $300 crappy service?

I didn’t think so.

At The Hive Law, our virtual divorce services allow us to reduce the amount of time that we spend bringing you into our offices. We are going to email you updates and NOT charge you $300 for it.

With this, we are able to focus more on your divorce case. This means we have more time to do meaningful work FOR YOU.

Better yet, it’s more convenient for you. You can hop on a meeting with us while you’re at work. Just step into a conference room and call us on Google Meets. You minimize the amount of time you take off work. We minimize the amount of your time that we waste.

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This means you don’t get raked over the coals financially.

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Get access to our attorneys with a FREE consultation ($397 value).
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Since we are a virtual divorce company, we are able to serve all of Georgia. We serve all of the major cities (and their surrounding cities), such as: AtlantaAugustaColumbusMaconSavannahAthensSandy SpringsRoswellJohns Creek, and Warner Robins.