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Work With The Best Estate Planning Law Firm For Young Parents

Are you a new dad, responsible for your family? 

Have you thought about what happens if you die and your wife has to raise the kids alone

Where will she earn the income to avoid losing your family’s home? 

Will your children have to move out of the only home they’ve known? 

Will she have to work more while ALSO spending more time raising the kids

Meaning that she will have less time to raise your children.

Make sure that your wife and kids are safe.

We protect young families, like yours.

Make sure your family is taken care of with an estate plan. 

Imagine how thankful they will be that you were the type of leader who planned ahead and made sure they were taken care of.  

You have just started a new family. 

You have children that rely on you

An estate plan ensures your wife and kids are taken care of financially if you die or become incapacitated.

You get to make sure that your family’s future is secure.  

While struggling to handle your passing, do you want your wife to have to deal with:

  • the government deciding how to split up your assets
  • losing her money to taxes
  • assets getting locked up with probate and legal disputes
  • creditors having access to her assets
  • trying to figure out how to manage your investments, business, or rentals
The last thing your wife should deal with when you’ve passed away is:
  • probate court proceedings
  • hiring and paying for attorneys
  • disputes over inheritance
  • learning how to manage investments
  • creditors and potential lawsuits 
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All of this costs more money that your wife won’t have

And it means she has to take off work or hire a babysitter, and earn less money

During the most financially tough times of her life. 

You can make sure that she has the stability she needs so she can be there for your kids in tough times. 

There are two options here – what will you do? 

  • leave your family struggling to pick up the pieces of losing you
  • make sure there is a plan and a team in place to guide them

We partner with young families to make sure their loved ones are taken care of. 

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What Happens If You Don’t Have An Estate Plan?

You know how hard it is to manage a household with kids with both parents

Imagine trying to figure out how to run a household alone

It’s just your wife alone to raise the kids by herself. 

She has one income to manage the house, raise the kids, and pick the pieces of her life back up. 

The last thing she wants to do in that position is to miss work, go to probate court, and distribute assets. 

She deserves to have the breathing room to mourn, be there for herself, be there for the kids, and be strong for the family. 

We set up estate plans to make sure that your family stays on their feet if something happens to you. 

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What Is Estate Planning?

Estate planning arranges how your assets will be distributed after your death. 

It involves creating documents like wills and trusts. 

These documents state who receives your assets and when. 

Estate planning can also set up guardians for minor children. 

It helps reduce taxes and avoid probate, a lengthy court process. 

Overall, estate planning ensures your wishes are followed after you’re gone.


A will names an executor of the estate. 

And it outlines how you want your assets distributed. 

It can also name guardians for your minor children (in case your wife passes, too). 

If you die without a will, Georgia laws decide how your assets are divided.


Trusts allow your estate to avoid probate altogether. 

Most people use trusts to avoid making their family go through court processes. 

Anyone can go to the county website and see your will, the assets, and heirs. 

But a trust is private and no one can see what’s going on inside the trust.

Power Of Attorney

A POA lets someone make decisions on your behalf. 

This could be financial decisions, healthcare decisions, etc. 

We make sure there are proper guardrails on the decisions they can make. 

And that they have the proper direction for very important decisions. 

Titling Assets

We properly title your assets so that they can avoid probate

I.e., making your property automatically pass to your wife and kids when you pass away.

This makes sure your property goes directly to the designated owner. 

And that creditors can’t claim that property during probate.

How Does The Estate Planning Process Work?

You’re busy and have a lot going on in your life. 

You’re busy juggling your career, your marriage, and raising kids. 

You’re building your life with your family and taking care of them.  

You need an estate plan to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

And that’s why we make our estate planning process as simple as possible. 

Here are the steps to the estate planning process:

Fill Out The Form

The first step is for you to fill out the form on this page

You will be taken to a calendar where you select a time to talk to an attorney. 

Choose the time that works best for your schedule

We will reach out with confirmation for your appointment. 

See If It’s A Good Fit

Not everyone is a good fit for our estate planning services. 

We will be honest and upfront if this partnership will not be a good fit. 

We ask about your family, assets, goals, and direction in life. 

You’ll get a breakdown of pricing and a breakdown of the process. 

From there, we can decide if we’re a good fit for each other.

Build Your Estate Plan

We will schedule a virtual call to design your estate plan. 

You can take this meeting from your office or your home. 

(And you can skip driving all over and getting stuck in traffic.)

You get an estate plan that is unique to your life, situation, and goals. 

Review Your Estate Plan

You will receive your estate plan via email for review. 

We encourage clients to read through all the paperwork and ask questions. 

Complete The Paperwork

After reviewing the paperwork, we will schedule a time to sign all the documents. 

We will provide you with witnesses and notaries for your signing. 

That’s it! You’re done at this point. 

And your family is taken care of

Start The Process Now

Either fill out the form below or call 470-524-1226 to schedule an appointment. 

We only take on 5 new clients per week, so space is limited

On average, we have a waiting list that’s a few weeks out. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions we get asked the most by fathers wanting to protect their family. 

Do You Only Focus On Estate Planning?

Yes, we ONLY focus on estate planning, probate, and elder law. 

This specialization has allowed us to become one of the best estate law firms in Georgia. 

(And it’s why we have a waiting list.)

We make sure that your estate plan designates guardians for your children

Without guardianship designation, the courts will decide who raises your child

Using an online will-maker can be risky

They offer generic templates that might not fit your unique situation. 

These tools might not cover specifics of Georgia estate law. 

An invalid will exposes your wife and kid’s inheritance to:

  • court decisions on what they get
  • potential creditors and lawsuits 

A tailored will makes sure your family’s inheritance is safe and that they get it all.

No, you don’t have to come to us.

We are set up to do everything virtually

You can avoid taking time off work, sitting in traffic, and messing up your day.

No, a will does not avoid probate. 

Whether you have a will or not, your family will end up in probate court. 

The only way to avoid probate is by using a trust or titling property correctly

If avoiding probate is important to you, let us know. 

Whether you need a trust depends on your situation. 

Trusts are great for:

  • avoiding probate
  • passing assets to minors
  • keeping your estate and heirs private
  • taking care of kids with special needs
  • passing assets down a certain milestone (marriage, graduation, etc.)

Estate plans are a snapshot in time. 

You’ll naturally buy and sell property, have family dynamics change, change your goals, etc. 

As things naturally change with life, reach out to us. 

We will let you know whether or not you need to update your estate plan. 

For a new dad, life insurance is like a safety net for your family. 

Let’s say something happens to you.

Life insurance helps make sure your wife has money to live on, pay bills, and take care of the kids. 

It can also cover costs like funerals and pay off any big debts, like a house mortgage. 

Plus, it can help save money for your child’s school in the future. 

Getting life insurance gives you peace of mind that your family will be financially okay even if your not around.

Who We Are

I’m Shawn and I’m a new father, just like you

We have a 3-year-old and a 1-month-old. 

I’ve thought about what happens if I pass away and Melissa has to raise two kids on her own and earn enough money to run the household

If I let that happen, I’m not a good father and husband

I have left them to deal with a mess… while picking up the pieces of life if they unexpectedly lose me. 

And vice versa. 

If Melissa passed away, it would bring me to my knees. 

I would be devastated. 

My best friend, my partner, my rock is gone. 

The last thing I want to do is deal with probate, making sure assets were properly structured, hire a lawyer, go to court, etc. when I just lost my wife

What if something happened to BOTH of us? 

Without a guardian designated, the government decides who will take care of our children. 

I don’t want to leave my child’s life in someone’s hands they shouldn’t be. 

We all have a weird aunt or uncle. 

What if they fight for your kid? 

Are your parents going to take care of the kids? 

Your siblings? 

I need to make sure that I designate someone so that the right person is raising my child. 

A good leader of the family makes sure that the family is taken care of. 

You make sure that they aren’t going to struggle without you. 

You set them up to be successful in case something happens to you.

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