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How To Get All Of Your Estate Planning Completed and Reviewed Without Leaving Your House!

(This Even Works If You Have A Complicated Estate That Needs Lots Of Attention Or You Struggle To Get The Family All In One Place At A Time.)

Here’s the problem you face. You have spent your whole life building assets, investing, and being financially responsible and you want to make sure that you are able to pass down your assets without any legal hiccups or unnecessary taxes. 

Which means that your estate could be tied up in litigation, creditors coming out of the wood works, or they could lose a massive chunk of it to taxes.

On Your Schedule

Look, you hate taking off work to run errands. You hate losing vacation time. You hate working with companies that ONLY are open during normal office hours.

Imagine having to show up to your attorney’s office for a $300/hour charge when they could have just emailed you the EXACT SAME information. It’s such a waste of your time and money.

We strive to work around your schedule. Going virtual allows us to do just that.

Don’t worry, you still get face time with us – if you want it.

We offer virtual services so that you can review everything on your time which means that you can do your meetings with us from a meeting room at work or from your couch.

We work from Google Meet so that you don’t have to have a Gmail account, which means that you don’t have to fiddle with downloading confusing and useless software to your device.

Google Meet offers three-way calls so that you and your family members can be in different locations to review and sign the documents, which means you don’t have to coordinate EVERY family members to show up at our office.

We offer notary services so that you can have your documents notarized by our team which means that you don’t have to drive around from bank to bank just to try to find a notary.

Get Your FREE Consultation!
Get access to our attorneys with a FREE consultation ($397 value).

Wills and Trusts

Having an estate planning attorney who is well versed in the complications of estate planning is very important.

Meaning, you don’t want to work with an estate planning law firm that is just repackaging Legalzoom wills and trusts and selling them to you at 500% mark up.

A GREAT attorney will know how to navigate will planning tailored to your family and the types of assets you own.

You want to make sure that your assets are protected so that you can easily pass them down to your heirs and beneficiaries without any complications.

Wills and estates can be as easy as filling out a simple will (on a few occasions).

But there’s a really good chance it’s not that easy.

And leaving it to chance with a questionable attorney who is re-printing off the same will they have used for EVERY case for the last 27 years just doesn’t cut it.

We personally review your documents so that you don’t have to sweat the details which means that your estate will easily and properly be transferred down to your beneficiaries.

Our goal is that you walk away protected so that you can rest assured that this is the last will and testament you will need, which means that you don’t have to go back to another will attorney to have your paperwork redone.

(That would be pitiful.)