How To Create Your Easy Will In A Few Simple Steps

This Is Exactly How To Protect Your Life With A Will

How to Leave Your Property To The Right Person

Without a will, the courts will split up your estate per the intestate laws. The courts can appoint a public trustee to distribute your estate to your heirs. The public trustee distributes your estate according to the intestate laws.

This is why leaving your property to the right person is important. Your will can spell out how your property gets distributed.

  • Want your daughter to have your mother’s jewelry?
  • Want your son to have your collectibles?
  • Want to give one child the house and the other your investments?
  • Want to leave the house to all the children, but choose one of them to manage it?

No matter how you want to divvy up your property, a will gives your heirs a comprehensive guide on how to split up your property between your heirs.

How to Leave Your Children to a Reliable Person

If you don’t have a will, the courts will decide who gets custody of your children. It could take months for the courts to decide should have custody.

While the courts determine who has custody, your children will be held in the foster care system. Without a will, the judge could decide that none of your family is suitable to raise your children. They could be left in the foster care system permanently.

But when you use our wills, you can appoint a guardian for your children. This means that you choose the best person to raise your child. This could be your parents, your siblings, or family friends. But this way, your child is safe and the decision is not left to the courts.

Pick The Best Person To Distribute Your Estate

The executor that you choose handles:

  • closing your accounts (bank, investment, insurance, bills, etc.)
  • distributing the inheritance to your beneficiaries
  • selling property from your estate

Our wills give you complete control over choosing a trustworthy and reliable executor. Otherwise, the judge chooses an executor for your estate. Court-appointed executors sometimes:

  • end up not giving the inheritance to the other heirs, meaning they are stealing from the other heirs
  • does not pay the estate taxes, which can cause the heirs to pay them out of pocket
  • don’t pay off debts, which means creditors can chase down your other heirs

You can create a bulletproof will with our practical, step-by-step walkthrough for will creations. You’ll never have to worry about malicious executors. You can create a comprehensive strategy and appoint the right person for the job.

You Can Make Tweaks To Your Will At Any Time

With our guarantee, you can change your will at any time. You can change your will at any time, free of charge, for instances like:

  • someone passes away
  • you sell property
  • you buy more property
  • you disown one of your family members
  • you get divorced
  • you get remarried
  • you have more children

No matter what happens in your life, you can always come back to us at any time and change your will for FREE. Need to change your will in 15 years? No problem. Need to change it every year? No problem.

It’s all FREE with our wills.

Make The Comprehensive Funeral Plan You Desire

When it comes to funeral plans, you may want to create a will for your executor to follow. You may want to include their burial plans for things like:

  • following your religious beliefs
  • getting buried with your family (parents, spouse, children)
  • who should speak at your funeral ceremony
  • whether you should get buried or cremated

These are a few examples of why you would want to plan out your funeral in your will. Without a will, your family can do whatever they want. This is true even if it’s against your wishes.

How to Disinherit the Bad Apples of the Family

Even with family, relationships crumble apart. When this happens, you may want to disinherit someone. Disinheriting them means that they get ZERO percent of your estate. You can cut out certain people with your will and redistribute their inheritance to other people. If you don’t disinherit someone with a will, they will still be able to get a portion of your estate.

And with our guarantee, you can disinherit someone at any time. We will change your will for you at any time, free of charge.

You Get the Best Money-Back Guarantee On The Market

Every single will comes with a guarantee. You can change your will at any time, free of charge. Need to modify it in two years? It’s FREE!