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Without the best legal separation attorney, you risk:

  • Losing Custody Of Your Children
  • Losing Assets That Are Rightfully Yours
  • Losing Alimony That You Deserve
  • Getting Stuck With Debts That Aren’t Yours
  • Paying Too Much In Child Support

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Your legal separation is one of the most important events in your life. 

  • You don’t want to lose custody of your children.
  • You don’t want to lose the ability to see your children
  • You don’t want to lose ALL decision-making abilities
  • You don’t want to go against your religious beliefs with a divorce. 
  • You don’t want to split up the family with divorce for the kids.
  • You want to keep the health insurance intact for the family.

And you’re scared out of your mind that you might pick the wrong legal separation attorney

When you hire the legal separation attorneys at The Hive, you’re hiring getting experienced legal separation lawyers.

This means that you get a fair legal separation order from the judge.

You’re getting effective legal separation attorneys. 

This means that your separation won’t get dragged out

And you can save tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees. 

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What Is A Legal Separation?

Legal separation is a court-ordered arrangement where a married couple leads separate lives.

A legal separation is good for couples who are unsure about divorce but want to split up.

Some reasons most people are unsure about divorce could be because of:

  • religious beliefs
  • pensions that get paid to surviving spouses
  • social security
  • filing taxes jointly
  • keeping the family together legally for the sake of the children
  • one spouse needs to maintain their health insurance
  • aversion to divorce even though they want separate lives
  • a legal separation is reversible
  • not being eligible for a divorce per the residency requirements

A legal separation will establish financial boundaries and responsibilities.

They determine things like:

  • how assets are divided
  • how debts are divided
  • child custody
  • child visitation
  • child support
  • alimony

How To File For Legal Separation With A Legal Separation Attorney

Are you trying to figure out how to file for legal separation?

Your legal separation attorney will handle everything for you.

But maybe you’re trying to file for legal separation on your own.

Or you just want to know what the steps are to filing for legal separation.

Either way, here are the steps.

How to file for legal separation:

  1. confirm that you meet the state’s residency requirements
  2. file the petition for legal separation
  3. file the legal separation agreement
  4. serve your spouse with the legal separation agreement
  5. negotiate and settle unresolved issues
  6. sign and notarize the legal separation
  7. receive your separation orders from the judge

Legal Separation vs Divorce

Legal separation vs filing for divorce can get confusing. 

Especially without a legal separation attorney to explain the real differences

The main difference is that your marriage is dissolved with a divorce

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Differences A Legal Separation Attorney Can Help With

The other differences in legal separation vs divorce are that legal separation:

  • allows spouses to keep health insurance
  • means you have not been legally divorced
  • allows spouses to continue making medical and financial decisions for the other spouse without a power of attorney
  • means that debts and liabilities may (or may not) get separated
  • allows spouses to maintain property rights in the event of a spouse dying without a last will and testament
  • allows the spouses to more easily have reconciliation

Similarities A Legal Separation Attorney Can Help With

The similarities for legal separation vs divorce are:

  • spousal support (called separation maintenance)
  • child custody
  • child visitation
  • assets get divided
  • debts get divided

Reasons You Need To Hire A Legal Separation Attorney

A lot of people try to avoid hiring a legal separation lawyer to save money

You can file a legal separation petition and represent yourself in court. 

And representing yourself may seem like a great cost-saving option. 

But this can be risky if your case is complicated or contested. 

A person who DOES NOT hire a legal separation attorney is responsible for:

  • managing paperwork
  • keeping track of deadlines
  • presenting evidence
  • presenting their case in court
  • understanding legal separation laws
  • understanding child custody laws
  • navigating the court system

Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a legal separation attorney. 

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Your Ex Has A Legal Separation Attorney

If your ex has hired a legal separation lawyer, you don’t want to face them alone. 

You will need to hire your own legal separation attorney

Hiring a legal separation lawyer doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to battle. 

It’s really a good idea to have legal counsel on both sides. 

But it’s natural to get worried when you hear your ex has hired a legal separation attorney. 

When your ex hires a legal separation attorney, they have a significant advantage over you. 

There’s no way you can compete with a legal separation lawyer’s:

  • knowledge of family laws
  • knowledge of custody precedents
  • strategic maneuvers in court
  • familiarity with the court system

When you hire a legal separation attorney, you level the playing field with your ex. 

And you are more likely to have a fair outcome that you’re happy with. 

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You Aren't An Expert In Family Law

A legal separation WITHOUT a legal separation lawyer requires a TON of research. 

Legal separation attorneys thoroughly understand the laws that apply to their cases. 

Legal separation attorneys are also responsible for:

  • managing the paperwork for a custody battle
  • managing paperwork for the separation
  • meeting deadlines 
  • scheduling and attending the court dates

Your legal separation lawyer will also fully understand the court process. 

A legal separation attorney will:

  • fill out petitions
  • consult with clients
  • mediate with other parties
  • attend hearings every day

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Your Situation Requires A Legal Separation Attorney

Sometimes legal separation cases are simple. 

Other times, the spouses won’t cooperate with each other. 

Some reasons your situation will require a legal separation attorney are:

  • A spouse is potentially concealing assets
  • You’re trying to get or reduce alimony
  • There is abuse in the marriage
  • There are children involved
  • There is a child custody battle
  • There is evidence of domestic violence, child abuse, or neglect

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