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Don’t know where to start with the probate process? Our Powder Springs probate lawyers take the burden off your shoulders. You shouldn’t have to deal with probate while you’re mourning the loss of your loved one. We handle the legal details, so you don’t have to. Fill out the form to get a FREE Probate Checklist today. This guide jumpstarts your probate process to make it easy on you.

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What Is Probate In Powder Springs, Georgia?

Probate is distributing a person’s belongings after they pass away.

Probate in Powder Springs, Georgia includes:

  • checking if their will is valid
  • determining the value of their stuff
  • paying any debts and taxes
  • giving what’s left to the heirs

Probate can take a long time and be a bit complicated.

Especially if there’s a lot of stuff.

Or if people disagree about the will or who should get what.

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What Probate Services Include

There are a lot of moving pieces to the Fulton County probate process. 

Most people don’t understand how complex it is until they get stuck in it. 

Here are the core things our Powder Springs probate attorneys handle for you:

  1. Help with Forms. Our probate lawyers pick the right forms, fill them out, sign them, and file them where they need to go.
  2. Notifying the Court. We tell the court about the person’s passing and keep track of all the deadlines for you.
  3. Handling the Estate’s Tax ID (EIN). We get and manage the estate’s tax ID number, which is important for taxes.
  4. Taking Care of Tax Forms. You don’t have to worry about tax forms. We figure out which ones are needed and file them.
  5. Managing Money Matters. Our probate attorneys help with accessing and dealing with things like bank accounts, insurance, and investments.
  6. Avoiding Legal Problems. We make sure everything is done right to prevent any legal issues that could bring the estate back into probate.
  7. Keeping You Safe from Financial Mistakes. With our help, you’re less likely to face financial issues because of missed deadlines or paperwork mistakes.
  8. Dealing with Creditors. We notify people that the estate owes money to, handle the payments, and keep records of everything.
  9. Sorting Out Debts and Claims. If there are debts or claims against the estate, we figure out which are most important and deal with them. This includes negotiating with creditors if needed.
  10. Selling and Valuing Property. We handle selling any property and make sure it’s valued correctly.
  11. Sharing Out the Estate. We help decide how to divide up what the estate owns, handle the paperwork, and make sure everyone gets what they’re supposed to.

Testimonials From Other People In Powder Springs

Herbie J.

“The team at Hive is always proactive, they stay on top of things, and are very thorough. They took the time to explain all my options, asking questions on things I had not considered, helping to make the best decisions for me.”

Ethan B.

“I had a wonderful experience working with Shawn and Melissa! They were both extremely patient with me through the entire process. Even when I didn’t fully understand, they took the time to thoroughly explain all the details of my situation to ensure I got the best outcome possible. I will not be using anybody else from now on!”

Hannah B.

“I was so impressed with their professionalism and clear and prompt communication that I decided to use their estate planning services as well.”

Benefits Of Getting A Probate Lawyer

Many people try to probate themselves to save a couple of thousand dollars. 

But, taking an estate through probate is complex and can be risky. 

Messing up the probate process can have serious consequences. 

Here are some of the risks you’ll face 

  • You might have to pay for estate debts from your own pocket if things are done wrong.
  • The entire estate could go through probate again, causing more costs and delays.
  • Mistakes in giving out assets can lead to fights and legal issues among heirs.
  • You could face legal penalties for not following court rules or missing deadlines.
  • Wrongly managing estate taxes might lead to tax penalties from authorities.
  • If creditors aren’t dealt with properly, the estate might lose more assets than needed.

You minimize these risks by hiring a probate lawyer. 

Here are the benefits of hiring an attorney to handle your probate. 

  1. Forms and Paperwork. You don’t have to figure out which forms to use, how to fill them out, how to sign them, or where to file them.
  2. Notifying the Court. You won’t be responsible for notifying the court about the person’s passing. Or keeping track of deadlines for such notifications.
  3. Creating and Managing the Estate’s EIN. Our probate lawyers handle obtaining the estate’s EIN and manage its use, including for tax purposes.
  4. Handling Tax Forms. You don’t have to determine what tax forms to fill out or how to file them.
  5. Accessing and Managing Financial Accounts. Our probate lawyers assist in accessing mortgages, insurance, credit cards, investment accounts, and bank accounts. (As well as advising on what to do with these accounts.)
  6. Preventing and Resolving Legal Challenges. You avoid the risk of improper execution. This could lead to challenges against the estate or the estate going back through probate.
  7. Protecting Yourself from Liability. With a probate lawyer, you reduce the risk of being liable for financial losses due to missed deadlines or paperwork errors.
  8. Managing Creditor Notifications and Payments. Our lawyers take care of notifying creditors, understanding how long to notify them, and how to make and document payments.
  9. Dealing with Liens and Creditors. You won’t have to worry about finding and prioritizing liens and creditors, negotiating with them, or deciding how to split the estate if funds are insufficient.
  10. Selling and Appraising Property. Our lawyers manage the sale and appraisal of property. This ensures legal and financial compliance.
  11. Distribution of Assets. You’re relieved from the complexities of asset distribution. These are things like finding the right deeds, deciding which assets to sell and documenting the distribution process.

Our probate lawyers reduce the administrative burden and legal risks associated with managing an estate.

Fill out the form on this page to start chatting with a Powder Springs attorney.

How The Process Works

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This is Shawn. You’ll be speaking with him throughout your whole process. Once you fill out the form, he will reach out to you to get started.

This is Melissa. She’s going to be your Powder Springs probate lawyer. Shawn will schedule an appointment for you to talk to Melissa. She will ask a few simple questions. From there, she creates the estate plan, has you review it, then you sign, and it’s complete!

After you fill out the form on this page, what happens? 

That’s a great question!

Here’s an overview of what you can expect:

  1. Schedule Your Appointment. You’ll schedule a time that works best for you
  2. Understanding the Estate. On our call, we’ll learn about the deceased’s estate – their assets, debts, and any existing will or estate plans.
  3. Validating the Will. If there’s a will, we’ll work on getting it recognized by the probate court. This is an essential step to legally distribute the assets.
  4. Appointing an Executor or Administrator. We’ll help in appointing an executor (named in the will) or an administrator (if there’s no will) to oversee the estate.
  5. Inventorying Assets. Just like in estate planning, we’ll review all assets of the deceased. This includes properties, investments, and personal belongings.
  6. Identifying Debts and Taxes. We’ll identify any debts and taxes owed by the estate. We ensure these are prioritized and paid off from the estate’s assets.
  7. Notifying Beneficiaries and Creditors. Beneficiaries and creditors will be formally notified about the probate process. We follow Georgia’s legal requirements.
  8. Distributing the Assets. After debts and taxes are settled, we’ll oversee the distribution of remaining assets to the beneficiaries as per the will or state laws.
  9. Preparing and Filing Documents. We handle all necessary legal paperwork and filings with the probate court.
  10. Finalizing the Estate. Once all assets are distributed, we’ll close the estate officially with the court.

How You Should Prepare

The first thing you should do is download our FREE Probate Checklist. 

This gives you step-by-step guidance on how to prepare for the probate process. 

To talk to our Powder Springs probate lawyers:

  • fill out the form on this page
  • schedule a time that’s convenient for you
  • start gathering information the attorneys will need

Here’s the stuff that you’ll need to start the probate process in Georgia:

  • Death Certificate. A copy of the deceased’s death certificate.
  • Will and Trust Documents. If available, bring the deceased’s will and any trust documents.
  • List of Assets. An overview of the deceased’s assets. Things like real estate, bank accounts, investments, and personal property of value.
  • List of Debts. Information about any debts or liabilities the deceased had. This includes mortgages, loans, and credit card debts.
  • Beneficiary Information. Names and contact details of beneficiaries named in the will or trust.
  • Identification Documents. Personal identification for yourself, and if possible, for the deceased.

For debts and assets, we don’t need super detailed information. 

We just need to know things like, “They had 3 rentals, a house, and a 401k.”

This information will help your probate lawyer to start the process and guide you on the next steps.

Fill out the form to get access to your FREE Probate Checklist. 

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Talk To A Powder Springs Lawyer

If you need help from a probate lawyer in Powder Springs, fill out the form below. 

At The Hive Law, we understand the importance of:

  • not messing up the distribution of the estate
  • not selling assets for the correct price
  • keeping up with accounting and document trails
  • negotiating with creditors and lawsuits
  • not losing everything to creditors and lawsuits
  • sending payments to creditors legally

We only accommodate a limited number of clients each month.

So don’t miss your opportunity to work with our probate law firm.

Benefits of our probate services:

  • Tailored solutions to fit your unique needs and goals
  • Expert guidance in navigating complex tax and legal matters
  • Preservation of your wealth for future generations
  • Notifying, negotiating with, and paying off creditors
  • Streamlined asset distribution according to your wishes

Avoid the pitfalls of inadequate probate strategies, like:

  • Creditors seizing your assets
  • Lawsuits jeopardizing your family’s financial security
  • Family disputes over inheritance
  • Costly and time-consuming probate processes

Talk soon.

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Here Are The Other Cities We Serve In Cobb County

We can serve you if you live in Powder Springs, Georgia (30127 or 30141) in Cobb County.

But, we also serve these other major cities in Cobb County

  1. Estate Planning. Helping clients plan what will happen to their stuff and money after they pass away.
  2. Wills. Writing documents that say who gets a person’s things and what should be done after they die.
  3. Trusts. Setting up a way for someone (a trustee) to look after and manage money or property for others (beneficiaries).
  4. Asset Protection. Finding ways to keep a person’s money and property safe from others who might want to take them, like in lawsuits.
  5. Probate. Handling the process of making sure a will is legal and distributing the person’s things after they die.
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