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Without a palimony agreement, you risk:

  • Paying Your Ex A Monthly Allowance
  • Paying Your Ex For Years
  • Not Having Clarity On Who Pays What
  • Getting Stuck With Debts That Aren’t Yours
  • Paying Too Much In Support

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You want a reliable palimony agreement. But you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for one. With these options, you get to choose which plan is right for you. Either way, you get the most iron-clad palimony agreements in the industry. Thousands of couples have saved themselves from financial ruin and litigation with these palimony agreements. 


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Palimony Agreement: FAQs

A palimony agreement is a contract between two unmarried people. This agreement explains how to handle finances in the event of a break-up

Palimony is the same thing as alimony. But palimony is for unmarried couples. Whereas alimony is for married couples. Palimony gets granted when the unmarried couple splits up

You can get palimony ONLY if there is an agreement between the two people. To get palimony, you have to prove that there is an agreement between the two people. These palimony agreements can be verbal or written agreements. But the courts will not grant palimony if you cannot prove there was a palimony agreement. And verbal palimony agreements are the hardest to prove. That’s why a written palimony agreement is the best route to take. 

Palimony Agreement Testimonials

"This palimony agreement helped me get back on my feet financially after I quit my career to take care of my boyfriend at the time."
Hilary Leigh
"You guys protected my finances during a bad breakup with my ex. Thank you so much."
Jillie Tempest
"The palimony agreement you guys made for me kept me out of a lawsuit over financially supporting my ex. I can't thank you enough!"
Quintin Angus
"This palimony agreement brought clarity to my relationship's finances and made us feel more secure together."
Hall Reed
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