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We fight to get our divorce clients everything they deserve, which means that you walk away from your divorce without being dragged through the wringers.

Estate Planning

Protect your assets and your family, which means that you lose less money to taxes and lawsuits that can destroy your family.


You can determine what your marriage looks like so your chances of a successful marriage are higher. You can also protect your future in the event of separation. 

DIY Products

If you want to save time and money with DIY legal forms, these are geared towards you. You can save thousands in attorney fees by doing your own paperwork.

100% Virtual Family Lawyers

With our 100% virtual services, we are able to work around your schedule and not the other way around.

You’ve got enough on your plate without having to try fitting in meeting your lawyer. We respect your time and this is why we have invested in our technology so that we can serve you remotely.

Don’t spend hours in traffic every single time you need to get an update. Don’t lose vacation time at work. Don’t spread yourself financially thin by having to take off work.

The Hive Law Divorce Lawyers

Best Divorce Attorneys

  • Savings in time means that you can maintain focus on your kids when they need you most, which means that they won’t feel unloved while you are going through a divorce.
  • Divorce attorneys that fight to get you what you deserve so you can easily start over without being left in financial ruins.
  • Keep your vacation time and don’t lose money by taking off work, which means that you can keep that time so that you don’t miss out on important time with your family.

Estate Planning Attorneys

  • Create the right structures to pass your assets and belongings to your children so that they don’t lose it all to creditors and taxes.
  • Appoint the right people to make decisions on your behalf if you’re incapable, which means that you don’t leave life-changing decisions to random doctors or attorneys.
  • Appoint a guardian for your child so if something happens to you, they are not left stranded or to be fought over by the family.
  • Keep people from getting your inheritance if you don’t want them to have any part of it.
The Hive Law Estate Planning Lawyers

Prenup Lawyers

  • Determine how you’d like your marriage to look now. This way, you have to best chance of a successful marriage
  • Figure out what is fair in the event of a separation. This way, neither of you feel like you’re getting raked over the coals financially
  • Most marriages fail due to finances. Get on the same page about the best way to handle yours so your marriage is less likely to fail. 

DIY Legal Papers

  • Know exactly what you need and it’s not a lawyer? These easy-to-use forms can be filled out and completed in minutes, so you can get back to more enjoyable things.
  • You don’t have to meet with an attorney, which can save you thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.
  • Our paperwork is updated with the laws so you are always protected.
The Hive Law Divorce Papers
Get Your FREE Consultation!
Get access to our attorneys with a FREE consultation ($397 value).