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Choose us for reliable estate planning and experience peace of mind knowing your assets and family are well cared for. Our specialized team delivers custom estate plans, leveraging the latest legal strategies to ensure your wishes are met and your legacy is preserved. Fill out the form for your free consultation. 

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Here are other people who were once in your shoes. 

Herbie Johnson

“The team at Hive is always proactive, they stay on top of things, and are very thorough. They took the time to explain all my options, asking questions on things I had not considered, helping to make the best decisions for me.”

Terry Chambers

“I recommend this place. I had some issues filling it out and they were helpful and talked me through everything.”

Hannah Brodnax

“I was so impressed with their professionalism and clear and prompt communication that I decided to use their estate planning services as well.”

Minimize Your Risks

Do you worry about these things, too?

I'm concerned my assets and wishes won't be properly handled after I'm gone.

Without a will, the government determines how to distribute your assets. Our wills make sure that: 

  • you decide who gets what
  • there aren’t family disputes
  • the government doesn’t have their hands in your estate

I need to manage and protect my assets now and after my lifetime but don't know how.

Avoid losing money to creditors, lawsuits, and taxes.  Our trusts make sure that: 

  • creditors can’t come after your family’s assets
  • frivolous lawsuits can’t drain your money
  • you can avoid probate completely

Who will make decisions for me if I'm suddenly unable to do so?

Make sure doctors aren’t making medical decisions you don’t agree with. Our POAs make sure that: 

  • your healthcare decisions are followed
  • doctors don’t make decisions for you
  • no one messes up your finances

I want to avoid the lengthy and costly process of probate for my estate.

Without a probate lawyer, you have to figure out how to probate an estate without breaking laws. Our probate makes sure that: 

  • the probate process gets handled for you
  • you’re not breaking laws
  • you don’t have to document and distribute assets

I'm worried about losing all my assets to long-term care costs.

Without long-term care planning, you will lose most of your assets trying to pay for them Our wills make sure that: 

  • insurance pays for your care
  • your assets are safe from being taken
  • Medicaid pays for your healthcare costs

I'm unsure how my business will continue without me or in case of my incapacity.

Make sure there’s a smooth transition when you step away from your business. Our business planning makes sure that: 

  • it’s clear who takes over and their responsibilities
  • you don’t need lawyers to come to sort things out
  • you aren’t encountering legal battles when you step down

Have A Partner For Life

From starting your family to passing your legacy on, we’re there. 

Georgia Estate Planning Attorney - Lawyer For A Will - Trust Lawyer - Wills And Trust Attorney

Building A Family

Asset Protection Lawyer - Business Succession Planning Attorney - Georgia Business Estate Planning

Building A Career

Retirement Planning

Preparing To Leave

Don’t Burn Your Money

Keep more of the money you earned for yourself and your family.  

Legal Fees

Average of $53,000


Average of $91,000


Average of $113,000


Average of $73,000

Long-Term Care Planning

Average of $317,000

Business Succession Planning

Average of $259,000

Compared to the savings that you and your family experience on the backend, estate planning only costs 4.7% – 11.4% of the costs you’re saving.

Our ONE Focus Is Estates

Georgia Estate Planning Attorneys Near Me - Georgia Estate Attorneys

Do you want a laser-focused attorney who has deep experience or one who does divorce, foreclosures, estate planning, criminal law, and child custody? 

You have decades of work put into your estate. You have sacrificed relationships, family time, and fun times to build what you have. Do you want a scrambled attorney building your estate plan? What happens if they create a mess?

We have whittled our offerings down to give you the best service.

We are building deep knowledge by ignoring everything that’s not one of these. 


Directions for who gets what. 


Protect your wealth.

Power of Attorney

Directions for decision-making. 


Distributing assets. 

Medicaid Planning

Minimize healthcare costs. 

Business Succession Planning

Directions for transitioning the business. 

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More About Your Partners

We help you pass your legacy down to your family in time without losing money to taxes, creditors, lawsuits, contested estates, or healthcare. 

We are a local, family-owned, Atlanta estate planning law firm. We moved to Alpharetta after law school and then to Suwanee to follow Shawn’s engineering job. Then, we settled down in Buford after having our first child. Now, we have two little ones. We spend the weekends going to Gwinnett County parks with our friends and kids, going to Jaemor and the Suwanee farmer’s markets to support local farmers, and camping/hiking at Lake Lanier with the kids. Thanks for partnering with our local family business so we can grow our communities!

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