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About The Hive Law

We’re tired of the old guys and mahogany bookcases. We’re tired of the suits and stifling attorney culture. We’re tired of clients feeling like they are in the dark about their cases. We’re tired of clients dreading to see their lawyers.

We created The Hive Law to bring a fresher, more modern face to family law. Our goal is to create a place where you can be less on edge. Where you can relax a little. Where you can build a relationship with your attorney. Where you feel like someone is fighting alongside you. Where you feel like your best interests are taken care of.

What I found within the law profession were many people simply looking to make a buck, take advantage of people in rotten situations; or those that didn’t have a personal interest in the actual person sitting across from them and, instead, only saw an interesting case file. I knew then that in order to be different, in order to set myself apart, I needed to make it clear that I was in this to genuinely help people.

With that, I decided to create a culture and firm of my own. One that focused on connecting with people, learning their stories, and getting to the bottom of how I could truly help them accomplish their goals. Being able to represent you during something as exciting as creating a business or defend you in a divorce case is my honor and a total privilege, and I want to make sure you know we care about your goals just as much as you do.

About The Hive Law

  1. Always be curious, learning is our biggest asset
  2. Compassionate to all 
  3. Be authentically you
  4. Communicate clearly and with transparency 
  5. Serve others with a genuine heart
  6. Provide “wow-worthy” service every day
  7. Smile 

Melissa Breyer

Melissa is our face, voice, and behind-the-scenes-doer. She loves learning about people, meeting dogs, and serving others as best as she can. She’s thrilled to be able to help her community untangle themselves from relationships that are no longer serving them. And when she’s not at work, she loves hiking with her husband, cuddling with her dog, and watching documentaries on Netflix.

Melissa Breyer - The Hive Law
Shawn Breyer

Shawn Breyer

Shawn is the one with crazy ideas. The one that pushes us to try new things. The one that keeps us in line. He’s more of a mad business scientist hiding in the back room.

Before The Hive Law, Shawn was a mechanical engineer. He designed robotics and installed projects all over Asia. Now, he runs the back end of the business for us.

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Get access to our attorneys with a FREE consultation ($397 value).
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