Are All Presidents Related? (7 Interesting and Unsettling Facts The Media Hides)

Are All Presidents Related - Presidents Who Are Related To Each Other - Father Son Presidents - US Presidents Family Tree

Are all presidents related? 

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • which Presidents are related
  • how many many are related
  • the father-son Presidents
  • the immediate family tree for all Presidents

Let’s dig in.

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Key Points For “Are All Presidents Related?”

  • A total of 23 U.S. presidents were related to each other by blood or marriage.
  • About half of the U.S. presidents are related to another president.
  • There were three father-son presidents in the history of the United States.
  • The only president who was the grandson of another president was Benjamin Harrison.
  • There are eight pairs of US presidents who share the same last name.
  • John Quincy Adams was the son of the second US President, John Adams.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt were fifth cousins.
  • George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush are the only father-son pair to have served as US Presidents in non-consecutive terms.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor were fifth cousins.
  • The descendants of English King Edward I include George Washington, John Adams, Franklin Roosevelt, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Are All Presidents Related?

No, not all the US Presidents are related. 

There are a few instances of related Presidents, such as

  • John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams
  • Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt 

But, most Presidents have no familial relation to each other.

And many US Presidents come from similar backgrounds, such as:

  • wealthy or politically connected families
  • attending similar educational institutions 

Which Presidents Are Related To Each Other?

Here is a list of the presidents that are related to each other. 

#PresidentRelationship to Other Presidents
2John AdamsFather of John Quincy Adams
6John Quincy AdamsSon of John Adams
9William Henry HarrisonGrandfather of Benjamin Harrison
23Benjamin HarrisonGrandson of William Henry Harrison
26Theodore RooseveltFifth cousin of Franklin D. Roosevelt
32Franklin D. RooseveltFifth cousin of Theodore Roosevelt
41George H. W. BushFather of George W. Bush
43George W. BushSon of George H. W. Bush

These are the only known family relationships among the US Presidents. 

There may be other, more distant cousins.

How Many Presidents Are Related To Each Other?

A total of 23 U.S. presidents were related to each other by blood or marriage. 

About half of the U.S. presidents are related to another president. 

The most notable example are the descendants of English King Edward I. 

This includes:

  • George Washington
  • John Adams
  • Franklin Roosevelt
  • Theodore Roosevelt

The other notable related presidents are:

  • George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush
  • John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams
#PresidentRelated PersonRelation
2John AdamsJohn Quincy AdamsFather and son
2John AdamsCalvin CoolidgeSecond cousins, five times removed
2John AdamsMillard FillmoreDistant cousins
4James MadisonZachary TaylorSecond cousins
4James MadisonWilliam Henry HarrisonSecond cousins
6John Quincy AdamsWilliam Henry HarrisonThird cousins
8Martin Van BurenFranklin D. RooseveltDistant cousins
9William Henry HarrisonBenjamin HarrisonGrandfather and grandson
10John TylerWilliam Henry HarrisonDistant cousins
12Zachary TaylorRichard NixonThird cousins, six times removed
14Franklin PierceFranklin D. RooseveltDistant cousins
14Franklin PierceRutherford B. HayesDistant cousins
18Ulysses S. GrantFranklin D. RooseveltDistant cousins
20James GarfieldLyndon B. JohnsonDistant cousins
23Benjamin HarrisonJohn Scott HarrisonFather and son
26Theodore RooseveltFranklin D. RooseveltFifth cousins
26Theodore RooseveltWilliam Howard TaftDistant cousins
27William Howard TaftFranklin D. RooseveltDistant cousins
27William Howard TaftRobert A. TaftFather and son
32Franklin D. RooseveltEleanor RooseveltHusband and wife, fifth cousins
38Gerald FordGeorge H.W. BushDistant cousins
41George H.W. BushGeorge W. BushFather and son

Are There Any Father-Son Presidents?

Yes, there were 3 father-son presidents in the history of the United States.

The Adams family had:

  • John Adams – 2nd President
  • John Quincy Adams – 6th President

The Harrison family had:

  • William Henry Harrison – 9th President
  • John Tyler – 10th President

The Bush family had:

  • George H.W. Bush – 41st President
  • George W. Bush – 43rd President

Are There Any Presidents With The Same Last Name?

Yes, there are 8 presidents with the same last name.

The presidents with the same last name are:

  • George H. W. Bush & George W. Bush
  • John Adams & John Quincy Adams
  • William Henry Harrison & Benjamin Harrison
  • Theodore Roosevelt & Franklin D. Roosevelt

Which President Was The Grandson Of Another President?

There was one President that was the grandson of another President. 

He was Benjamin Harrison, the grandson of William Henry Harrison.

US Presidents' Family Tree

Here is a list of the US Presidents’ family trees. 

This table shows each President’s immediate family members, like:

  • spouse
  • mother
  • father
1George WashingtonMartha Dandridge WashingtonMary Ball WashingtonAugustine Washington
2John AdamsAbigail Smith AdamsSusanna BoylstonJohn Adams Sr.
3Thomas JeffersonMartha Wayles Skelton JeffersonJane RandolphPeter Jefferson
4James MadisonDolley Payne Todd MadisonNelly Conway MadisonJames Madison Sr.
5James MonroeElizabeth Kortright MonroeElizabeth Jones MonroeSpence Monroe
6John Quincy AdamsLouisa Catherine JohnsonAbigail Smith AdamsJohn Adams
7Andrew JacksonRachel Donelson JacksonElizabeth HutchinsonAndrew Jackson Sr.
8Martin Van BurenHannah Hoes Van BurenMaria Hoes Van AlenAbraham Van Buren
9William Henry HarrisonAnna HarrisonElizabeth BassettBenjamin Harrison V
10John TylerLetitia Christian TylerMary Marot ArmisteadJohn Tyler Sr.
11James K. PolkSarah Childress PolkJane Knox PolkSamuel Polk
12Zachary TaylorMargaret Mackall Smith TaylorSarah Strother TaylorRichard Taylor
13Millard FillmoreAbigail Powers FillmorePhoebe MillardNathaniel Fillmore
14Franklin PierceJane PierceAnna Kendrick PierceBenjamin Pierce
15James BuchananNever marriedElizabeth Speer BuchananJames Buchanan Sr.
16Abraham LincolnMary Todd LincolnNancy Hanks LincolnThomas Lincoln
17Andrew JohnsonEliza McCardle JohnsonMary McDonoughJacob Johnson
18Ulysses S. GrantJulia Dent GrantHannah Simpson GrantJesse Root Grant
19Rutherford B. HayesLucy Webb HayesSophia BirchardRutherford Hayes Sr.
20James A. GarfieldLucretia Rudolph GarfieldEliza Ballou GarfieldAbram Garfield
21Chester A. ArthurEllen Lewis Herndon ArthurMalvina Stone ArthurWilliam Arthur Sr.
22Grover ClevelandFrances Folsom ClevelandAnne Neal ClevelandRichard Cleveland
23Benjamin HarrisonCaroline HarrisonElizabeth IrwinJohn Scott Harrison
24Grover ClevelandFrances Folsom ClevelandAnne Neal ClevelandRichard Cleveland
25William McKinleyIda Saxton McKinleyNancy Allison McKinleyWilliam McKinley Sr.
26Theodore RooseveltEdith Kermit Carow RooseveltMartha Bulloch RooseveltTheodore Roosevelt Sr
27William Howard TaftHelen HerronLouise TorreyAlphonso Taft
28Woodrow WilsonEllen AxsonJanet WoodrowJoseph Ruggles Wilson
29Warren G. HardingFlorence KlingPhoebe DickersonGeorge Tryon Harding
30Calvin CoolidgeGrace GoodhueVictoria MoorJohn Coolidge
31Herbert HooverLou HenryHulda RandallJesse Hoover
32Franklin D. RooseveltEleanor RooseveltAnna HallJames Roosevelt
33Harry S. TrumanBess WallaceMartha YoungJohn Truman
34Dwight D. EisenhowerMamie EisenhowerIda StoverDavid Eisenhower
35John F. KennedyJacqueline KennedyRose FitzgeraldJoseph P. Kennedy
36Lyndon B. JohnsonLady Bird JohnsonRebekah BainesSamuel Ealy Johnson Jr.
37Richard NixonPat NixonHannah MilhousFrancis Nixon
38Gerald FordBetty FordDorothy AyerLeslie King
39Jimmy CarterRosalynn CarterLillian GordyJames Earl Carter Sr.
40Ronald ReaganNancy ReaganNelle WilsonJohn Reagan
41George H. W. BushBarbara BushDorothy WalkerPrescott Bush
42Bill ClintonHillary ClintonVirginia KelleyWilliam Blythe Jr.
43George W. BushLaura BushBarbara PierceGeorge H. W. Bush
44Barack ObamaMichelle ObamaStanley Ann DunhamBarack Obama Sr.
45Donald TrumpMelania Trump (current)Mary Anne MacLeodFrederick Christ Trump
46Joe BidenJill Biden (current)Catherine BidenJoseph Biden Sr.

FAQs About All Presidents Being Related

These are the FAQs we found in our research for all Presidents being related. 

Are Hilly And Bill Cousins?

No, Hillary and Bill Clinton are not cousins. 

They do not share any known recent ancestors or familial connections. 

Hillary Rodham Clinton was born in Chicago, Illinois, to parents:

  • Hugh Rodham 
  • Dorothy Howell Rodham

Bill Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe III in Hope, Arkansas, to parents:

  • Virginia Dell Cassidy 
  • William Jefferson Blythe Jr.

Are Hillary And Trump Cousins?

Yes, Hillary and Trump are cousins.  

Trump is the fourth cousin of Hillary Clinton.

Is Donald Trump Related To Any Presidents?

Yes, Donald Trump is related to multiple U.S. presidents. 

Trump is a distant cousin of several former presidents, including:

  • George Washington
  • John Adams
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • James Madison
  • James Monroe
  • William Henry Harrison
  • Benjamin Harrison
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

Sources for this information are:

  • – “Donald Trump: Ancestry, Genealogy, and Family History”
  • CNN – “Donald Trump: America’s first president with a Jewish daughter?”
  • New England Historic Genealogical Society – “Donald Trump’s Irish Roots”
  • The New York Times – “Donald Trump’s Immigrant Mother”

Is Barack Obama Related To George Bush?

No, Barack Obama and George Bush are not related. 

There is no known genealogical connection between their families.

Who Are The Descendents Of George Washington?

George Washington did not have any biological children. 

But, George Washington did adopt Martha’s two children from her previous marriage:

  • John Parke Custis 
  • Martha Parke Custis

John Parke Custis and his wife Eleanor Calvert had four children: 

  • Elizabeth Parke Custis
  • Martha Parke Custis
  • Eleanor Parke Custis
  • George Washington Parke Custis

George Washington Parke Custis is particularly notable as:

  • the founder of Arlington National Cemetery 
  • the builder of Arlington House

Martha Parke Custis and her husband Thomas Peter had four children: 

  • Elizabeth Peter
  • Martha Parke Custis Peter
  • Eleanor Calvert Peter
  • Thomas Peter

Which Of The US Presidents Have Descendents Who Are Married To Each Other?

No US President has descendants who are married to each other.

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