Can Citizens Remove A President?

Can Citizens Remove A President - Can Citizens Impeach A President

Can citizens remove a President from office in the United States? 

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • whether citizens can remove a President
  • the ways a President can get removed from office
  • if citizens can impeach the President

Let’s dig in. 

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Can Citizens Remove A President?

No, citizens cannot remove a President from office. 

The only people that can remove the President is:

  • members of Congress
  • the President’s own Cabinet

The Constitution gives us two ways to remove a President, like:

  • impeachment
  • removal via the 25th Amendment

These are the only ways that a President can get removed from office. 

The citizens of the US cannot remove a President. 

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Impeachment To Remove The President

Impeachment is when Congress charges the President with “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The Constitution grants the power:

  • of impeachment to the House of Representatives
  • to hold impeachment trials in the Senate

If the Senate convicts the President, then they will remove them from office. 

And the President will be disqualified from holding future offices. 

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Removing The President Via the 25th Amendment

The 25th Amendment gives a process for removing the President from office. 

The 25th Amendment has four sections, which are:

  1. The VP becomes President if they die, resign, or are removed from office. 
  2. If the VP role is vacated, the President nominates a new VP who gets voted in by the House and Senate. 
  3. The President can pass their powers to the VP during incapacitation and regain them when they are able to resume their duty. 
  4. The President can get voted out by majority if they can’t perform their duties.

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Can Citizens Impeach A President?

No, citizens cannot directly impeach a president. 

Only elected officials of Congress can initiate an impeachment of a president.

Citizens cannot initiate impeachment proceedings against a president.

But they can express their opinions and concerns to their representatives in Congress. 

This can include:

  • peaceful protests
  • contacting their representatives
  • voting in elections

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