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Without the best prenup attorney in Georgia, you risk:

  • Losing Custody Of Your Children
  • Losing Visitation That You Deserve
  • Losing Decision Making Capabilities
  • Having Your Spouse Hide Assets
  • Losing Business & Investment Interests
  • Letting Your Children Live With Someone Else
  • Paying Too Much In Child Support

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Postnuptial Agreements In Georgia

You Get Postnuptial Agreement Attorneys In Georgia Who Know How To Handle Protecting You.

You get to work with reliable and effective postnup lawyers. You need an Atlanta postnuptial agreement attorneys who understand accounting, finances, and estate planning

Our Atlanta postnuptial agreement attorneys understand how to protect your estate during your marriage. And we also know how to preserve the equity you have in your estate so that you and your family doesn’t get raked over the coals financially in the event of a divorce or death.

What Postnuptial Agreements In Georgia Cover

You need a postnup because Georgia is not a community property state

Georgia is an equitable division state. 

Meaning that your assets, debts, and property are not split 50/50 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Without a postnup, the state determines:

  • how to split your assets, debts, and property in divorce
  • how to distribute your property at death

If you wish to distribute your property differently, you need a Georgia postnup agreement

Some other reasons you want to hire an Georgia prenup lawyer is to:

  • keep separate property separate
  • define marital property
  • keep inherited property separate from marital property
  • define inheritances to children from prior relationships
  • keep the courts from determining how to split property
  • determine how to handle an estate plan
  • define how to handle finances during the marriage

A prenuptial agreement is a financial contract between two people getting married. 

Your prenup will outline the assets and debts of each person. 

And how assets and debts should get distributed in the event of death or divorce

When You'd Need Georgia Postnuptial Agreement Lawyers

Our Georgia postnuptial agreements cover things like:

  • each spouse’s rights and obligations for separate and marital property
  • who gets the house in a divorce
  • protect each spouse’s retirement accounts started prior to the marriage
  • each spouse’s right to buy, use, control, transfer, sell of any properties
  • who gets how much in alimony
  • provisions for children from previous relationships
  • protect inheritance rights of children from prior relationships
  • how to handle inherited or family property
  • division of assets, debts, and property
  • protecting one spouse from the other’s debts (i.e., business or school loans)
  • how business interests will get divided up
  • each spouse’s entitlement to death benefits

But it’s also important to know what Georgia postnups cannot cover too.

Atlanta postnuptial agreements cannot:

  • waive alimony
  • waive child support
  • determine child custody or visitation
  • provide financial incentives for divorce (why do we have to even mention this?)
  • personal matters 

Personal matters, referenced here, include:

  • who is responsible for chores
  • where to spend holidays
  • whose name to use when married
  • details about raising children
  • what one’s relationship should look like with in-laws

Making Your Postnuptial Agreement In Georgia Valid

If your Georgia postnup is set up incorrectly, the courts can declare it invalid. 

Your Georgia postnuptial agreement lawyer will make sure your postnup is valid by making sure:

  • the postnup is in writing
  • both parties voluntarily execute the agreement
  • both parties have fully disclosed their assets and debts
  • the postnup agreement is fair to both parties
  • notarize the postnup agreement

If the courts feel like your postnup favors one party too much, they will deem it invalid. 

And they won’t use it. 

So, let’s say there is a death or divorce and a postnuptial agreement they won’t use. 

They will split assets and debts according to state laws for a divorce in Georgia

And they will distribute the estate per the probate laws in Georgia

What If You Don't Have Postnuptial Agreement In Georgia?

Without a postnup during a divorce in Atlanta, a spouse has the right to:

  • acquire debts the other spouse can be responsible for
  • manage, control, sell, or give away any marital property
  • share ownership of property or businesses acquired during the marriage

Type Of Assets You'll Need To Divide

You’ll need to hire Georgia postnup lawyers to protect your assets. 

Most couples have the normal investments like:

  • bank accounts
  • retirement accounts
  • pensions
  • 401k

But high net worth divorces also need to divide up:

  • personal trusts
  • investment accounts
  • businesses 
  • professional practices
  • collectibles and art collections
  • real estate portfolios
  • debts related to investments and business
  • life insurance
  • patents on intellectual property
  • assets held in other entities
  • future earning potentials
  • stock options or deferred compensation

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